Thursday, July 17, 2008


Phil 1:12
"The things which have happened to me , have FURTHERED the GOSPEL.
Paul "seen" God's hand in everything , whether free or in bonds. It's easy for us to "think" that we may be going around in circles, going no-where , dead end job or relationships.
Paul knew that the church brethren, the "pilgrim pals" were thinking , Oh No ! , paul is in jail , what will become of the church , the gospel . Paul tells them not to be dismayed -- for God is working thru ALL situations ----

Do we think we are beating the air , motion and no direction like a "bug" on a window pane, going in circles... -- U worked for years to get that "degree" only to be "stuck" in a cubicle in an office -- Missions is your heart and here U are in "bonds" answering a phone --

Let us re-affirm and re-commit to HIM -- WHO IS ABLE to cause us to abound in All things.

good "pilgrim pals" , U all are praying one for another -- Claire heard from Pilot and has been blessed -- Vicki has encouraged us -- Our Terry is in the "battle" lifting us up -- Lil M is helping leading the "charge" -- Jel prays in the shadows -- Saija remembers "us" -- Felisol always sends us love -- LPP and LMG tells us we are great when "we" think they and their family is great --- Donna , what can we say about Donna , even if she is hurting , she is caring and doing -- there are more of course, pilgrim David and the many names not mentioned here --

Lord Bless


Felisol said...

Dear passing-thru,
you forgot to mention the man we all love and have continuously prayed for; yourself.
I re-joice that we are found and bound together by Him in whoe's name we all shall have Victory.
Good night from Felisol

passing-thru said...

Nite Felisol , nite to Gunnar and Serina as well -- and thankyou for ALL your prayers --

Vicki said...

Encouraging words for me tonight, and ALL of us, Passing-thru! Thanking God for you, and for all our brothers & sisters @ Pals, praying and loving one another.

blessings to you,