Friday, July 25, 2008

Eternal Joy

bear with me while I share my thoughts tonight...

I've been neglcting some of my other bloggers, so I spent some time today catching up on blogs....I happened over to Amber's blog, our sweet Arlene's daughter....and here is what she has to say....

"on July 19th....Tomorrow will be 5 months since she passed on February 20th. On that note I do have some pretty exciting news....we are having another baby!!!!! Our new baby is due on, you guessed it - February 20th. I already know we wont have our baby on that exact day (the doctors are inducing) but this baby will always be a wonderful memory of my Mom's new birthday, the day she entered into heaven. So on the one year mark of our losing her and missing her and celebrating her new life we get to hold our new baby that will always remind me of how majestic God truly is. If it is a girl she will be named Azalea Faith after my Grandma (on my Dad's side) and not only is Faith my Mom's maiden name but as a remembrance of how much Faith she had. Never have I met someone in her circumstance that had so much faith. "

Isn't that so awesome???

I was talking with LPP tonight, chatting about the first correspondence her and I exchanged....she remembers it as a comment she made about new yorkers, and I made a comment back (jokingly, even though at the time, she thought I was serious)
We were trying to remember...when and what my first post was here at Pals; I remember commenting a few times and even asking others to post something for me. Then I remember wanting to post and had lost the sign in info(that happens to me a lot!). I thought I joined Pals close to the time when Terry discovered strawberries or she fell into a cake of strawberries...or something like's all I know is she fell and couldn't get least that is what the post said !!!


I spent a good portion of tonight reading through the archives, immersing myself in the parts of your lives you have events of a year gone..reflecting on the requests placed before this committed group of pals......whether it was for illness,hurt, surgery, pain, sickness, depression, marriage,child, salvation,spouse, friend, mother, father, no questions were asked, no need too big or too small that wasn't lifted up by a trusting, willing, loving soul; a committed Pal would take it to our Lord in prayer.

I've sat here tonight with tears in my eyes, thanking God for each of you; knowing the heartache in your own lives, yet you've stood beside me, prayed for my marriage, my children, my grandbaby, for my times of depression and unbearable anguish, whining and understood when I acted unreasonable or without much thought; during my surgery; for putting up with me when I surely didn't think I deserved anything or anyone, especially not friends such as you. Thank you...thank you for caring and for loving me...through some hard times...passing thru, Terry, Vicki, LPP, LMG, Claire, Felisol,Saija,David,Jel, Julie, Laura, Julie, Lauren, Ron, thank you.

I found my first was on July 22nd and called Eternal Joy. I am a couple days late for my PALS anniversary, but what's a day or two going to matter? May God bless another year of my fellowship here.....
Praying, Affirming, Loving, Serving...

All believers in Christ
are not equally happy
but each has right to be
exceedingly glad
some float upon a
flood tide of joy
others drift upon the ebb
all in the same stream
bearing on to the
ocean of perfect felicity
in the land which
flows with milk and honey
getting a sip of sweetness
joy is contagious
he who believes.


passing-thru said...


This is a blessing to read and what a blessing U have been to me and everyone of us pals , Donna

May God richly move in your life as U continue to "offer" to those around U , this "LIVING WATER"

your friend for now and ETERNITY

Terry said...

Dearest Donna...You are a joy to us and this is such a beautiful post.
I remember the first time that I ever commented on you own blog and when you "accepted" my comment I was thrilled and then when you joined the Pals, well what can I say? What else could be better? I remember the day that you left for a while and the sadness I felt and so did Passing-Thru! Talk about whining..I whined several times by email begging you to come back!! And I would whine to Passing-thru by email. He KNEW that you would come back!The day you came back and then left again!!! Ha!!! There is not anyone of us can stay away from this family blog. We have had our ups and downs but we always come back! We are truly family!

I, like you have been neglecting so many other blogging friends and every so often have to take the time to get caught up!!!
And it takes time...Ha!!
Dear Donna a while back ago when you decided to try and post everyday and I promised if you did, I would comment every day. Well the last week and a half, I have come up short on THAT too!!
Well I think we must all try and get caught up...what say?.....Love Terry

Ha! Well do I remember that comment of Little Pilgrim Pal when she mentioned that "New Yorker" ! That was so funny! We can always trust that girl to make quick comments that sometimes are so amusing! What would we ever do without her and the Little Montreal Girl???. or without Little Missionary Julie, Jel Saija, Vicki with here late nignt visits, the Pilot-Mom, Jel coming in with her fly by hugs and sunshine, Laura who used to be our little Laura-MAE, Oh dear! I have to laeve now..Take Bernie to work...the fuel pump in his van broke down...Addios... .....Love Terry

passing-thru said...

Good comments here Terry --

Yes - we "remember" many of these incidents along the pal's trail.

And good for U for bringing in all the pals names like this :-)

Terry said...

I am hoping Passing-thru that between the three of us we have not missed any although I did have to cut my comments to Donna's lovely post short...

hebrews 11:1 said...

Oh, Mrs. Butler, what a post! You have been such a blessing, and there you are thanking us :) That is a beautiful piece of poetry, too. Congratulations on being around with us for a whole year...and many more to come! It feels like we are one big family most of the time, so we can joke, laugh, cry, and pray together without wondering what the other Pal will think of us...we can even leave for a bit and when we come back, we are welcomed with open arms. Everyone was talking about PT's leave of absence, and yours (albeit very short!) was brought up here, too, and I think the Pals have forgotten that for awhile I was not really around much either...sometime in the fall or winter I remember not being able to visit ANY blogs because I was so discouraged and worn out, and then again this spring I wasn't around much for a bit either. But everyone has welcomed me back here again and I just LOVE all of you SO MUCH!!!

Love and Prayers,
and God's richest blessings upon all of oyu,

Laura said...

I am so glad you are part of the Pals Donna!

passing-thru said...


donna said...

thank you everyone...and Laura...I am glad too...

Vicki said...

Glad Donna is with the Pals. She's a prayer warrior indeed and a sweet soul.

God bless you all, dearest ones.