Thursday, July 31, 2008

An Exciting Lunch

I had such a fun day today....I have been so excited...
couldn't wait for the day to arrive....
I was up early, showered .....wanted
to be out the door by 9:00....

I paused, remembering to pray for
Julie and her exam today.....stopped at my daughter's
apartment to pick up her camera, then rushed back to
the house (I forgot my bible), made a quick stop at the
gas station and was on the road......

ten minutes into my drive, I realized I had no pen in the
car, so I spotted a Tim Horton's, grabbed a cup of coffee
and one of their bananna nut muffins...and bought a $2.99
souvernir pen, unbelievable!!...but to be expected for the NYS now it's 9:40 and I am behind schedule...

I managed to make it to Buffalo by 10:40, (excellent time);
by the time I got on I290 the skies had turned black and I
was in the middle of a torrential downpour... By the time I
got on the Robert Moses Parkway, it was
more than a downpour, I actually pulled off the highway
and sat...I know not the smartest thing to do but everyone
else do as the Moses' do !

It was after 11:00 when I finally made it to Niagara Falls
and now I needed to clear took a while to get
through...not because there were long lines, but I was having a
real tough time understanding the gentleman and had to ask the
guy twice what he was saying and he was getting frustrated with me...
but once we got through the "where have you been all your life"
and "do you have any weapons"..."uhhh....only this silly pen that says I love
the NY that weapon enough?" much for the frivolity
and THEN I asked him the quickest route to Niagara On The Lake and
he said he didn't know and even if he did, he didn't give directions....
it holds up the line...(I should have known better)
but the lady in the building right over there....SHE DOES....
hmmmmmmm ok...thank you.

Anyways....the lady was very nice, but I read her directions wrong
turned right and should have turned now I am still forty minutes
from my destination....I am very late for my 11:00 problem though....
cause I met three of the sweetest ladies ever...... friends...I had the pleasure of meeting our wonderful Pal
and sister in Christ...the one and only Terry...Mrs. Shirkie...
and her beautiful sister Betty

and their gracious mother that we know and love as Mom Golden.....

We enjoyed a delicious lunch, talked and laughed;

strolled the afternoon away, stopped into a hat shop, Mom Golden was treated to a new hat,(quite stunning I might add)

handed out verse cards to anyone willing to take our picture....

stopped to pet a dog named Daisy, marveled at the beautiful flowers,

and lovely buildings...I love architecture

relaxed in a nearby park, jumped into the wading pond (well not really, I am much too old to be jumping into a wading pond !!!)

It was the most beautiful day....full of all God's beauty, the sunshine, rain, clouds, a warm breeze, friendship, we laughed, talked, shared the Lord, wisdom, stories, husbands, children, church. It seemed as though we had known each other all our lives....We agreed we have to do it again soon....

Terry, Betty and Mom Golden, thank you for a blessed day......

I drove past the Falls before I headed back to the States....they are absolutely

spectacular..God is so good !!!

posted by donna


Terry said...

Oh Donna..It WAS a good day and just to think that the Lord ended your day with a rainbow!
Love Terry..

PS..As for the pictures? You wait girl..I think I will have a few "good" ones for you!..Ha!!!

PS As far as Little Missionary Julie is concerned Donna. That surely was the end of a perfect day.
Just imagine that she did so well with her examines that she had the highest marks of everyone!
When I got home, I quickly sent her congratulations and then I crashed!!This old girl needed a rest after trying to keep up with you and Betty all afternoon!

Felisol said...

Dear Donna and Terry,
How wonderful that you marvelous "sisters" have met this way.
I am happy that the Lord blessed your day and pray that he will continue to build on that sisterly love cliff.
Hugs from Felisol

donna said...

I drank a coke driving home, which kept me awake until 1:00 in the morning...

Now.....about those pictures...we agreed to be nice...EH? Or did I dream that ??

Terry said...

Dream on Pip-Squeak...dream on!!
Love Terry

passing-thru said...


THRILLED THAT U GIRLS HAD MET -- imagine all eternity with no flaws - and sights and sounds and smells and fellowship beyond our ability to comprehend what God has prepared for THOSE SAVED BY GRACE

and Felisol was there "in spirit" with U girls --
thanks for posting the pics

donna said...

Hey remember now I am the queen of DELETE !!! Just ask passing-thru!!

(We need a better nickname than that)LOL

Terry said...

Ha Donna.
Here is an email I sent Passing-thru...Ha!! It never bothered me Passing-thru. I think that it is funny!! I like to tease Donna. When I was talking with her on the phone last night, she was laughing the whole time!
I am going to call her the blogger that has a trigger deleting finger...the fastest in the west!!

Now if there is any deletig to be done Donna...I will be the one to do it!...........Love Terry

David Warren Fisher said...

Dearest Donna and Terry:

Can you imagine the joy and fulfillment I feel when Pilgrim Pals meet? I'm always overjoyed.

Donna, you are getting to meet everybody. Before I know it you'll be in India with our beloved Amrita with side trips to Australia to visit Rodney and a stop-over in Norway to pray with Serina and Gunnar and spend some time with Felisol.

Thank you, dear pals, for taking the time to build on these special friendships that have been forged through the Pilgrim Pals web site. Just think what it will be like in heaven when we have all eternity to spend time together around the throne of the One who brought us all together.

I'm refreshed this morning after reading about An Exciting Lunch.

Let's do it more!

Much love in Christ,


Terry said...

Dear Donna...You are a darling and a true friend and that hat WAS orange. You looked a like a little punkin in it!!..Love Terry

passing-thru said...

So Terry is calling Donna
a "little" orange pumkin , who is delightfully deleting comments with the fastest "trigger" finger on the keyboard

Laura said...

I am so tickled and a little jealous that you ladies got to meet! How exciting that must have been!

donna said...

WOW !!! I must be losing my flair for fashion and my eye sight as well and here I was blaming you...I was wearing a pink shirt and would never wear orange with pink !!! YUK !!! LOL Actually the only time I like orange is with in the Denver Broncos !!! By the way, you cant call me pumkin...that was my dad's nickname for me...

Terry said...

Hey Donna I din't call you pumpkin. I called you punkin!
And if I can't call you that I will surely have to call you......
pip-squeak!! Terry

Vicki said...

Well, I just did a second-take at Donna wading in the did I miss that??:-)

What a wonderful time you all had! I loved the pictures, girls. But I must say, I am quite jealous. Here I am, all the way in the south! I guess as long as you all share the photos, I can be with you in spirit, too. LOL. Wish I could treat you all to a fine tea party, either here at my little cottage or a few miles down the road at the local tea room where the ladies all wear hats!

I want to see that hat!!