Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Was reading some posts from Random Redheaded Ramblings where this woman went to Romania and seeing how a husband and wife team left the comforts of Northern Romainia to live among the poor in Southern Romainia , humbled me again.
This missionary wife with a young baby lives in such a "shanty" with such little "comforts" , when asked what she would like for the people back in USA to pray for , she says --
She did not hesitate at all over her prayer request, "pray against the spiritual war going on around us, sometimes I feel it.
"Not for comfort. Not for things or finances.
She says- "Pray for people to be open to hear and receive Gods Word. Pray for their protection. Pray for them to remain encouraged in the Lord to do His work."

"We" , me , I , live for a "better" life , comforts and such , then I "read" of testimonies like this - this couple voluntarily gave up the "softer" life so people in a poorer region could be exposed to the LIVING GOSPEL ---
sure, "we" all do our little parts here and there and "we" all can be missionaries like LPP and LMG in their local neighborhoods ---

just reading this post has "humbled" me again -- -- I have been "humbled" by many of the "pals" as I seen their "service" to the Lord ---
Terry always witnessing and picking up children for sunday school
LPP and LMG passing out bible verses and setting up booths so they can witness
Donna going to encourage LPP and family
Felisol tenderly extending her love for the brethren
Vicki taking the time to "comment" so as to encourage us -- she has a "gentle" spirit
Saija with her pictures of flowers and soft wise words
Claire with her zeal for the lost around her
Jel always making an appearance to "quietly" say "huggs"
Lil M willing to go and do and be for the Lord
David ministering to "his" calling , despite battles of depression, always saying to the pilgrims to look up --
YES --- it's easy to be "humbled" by God's wonderful people


Amrita said...

Praise God for the lives of all these saints.

Terry said...

Yes I feel so rich and I don't need anymore, when I think of those dear missionaries and the people that they are hoping to win for the Lord and they have barely enough to survive on.
I remember one time a missionary on furlough came to Welland and it saddened him so that here people were more interested in remodelling their homes with fancy wall paper and wall to wall rug and fancy kitchen sinks and cupboards than supporting the mission fields, not only financially but with prayers and a letter or two of encouragement once in a while.
Most of the people that lived in the country where he was a missionary had homes that were made of cardboard!

I am not pointing the finger at anyone else.I am very guilty of this, myself Passing-thru..Love Terry