Wednesday, July 16, 2008

David's Update/Prayer Request

My two weeks at Elim Lodge was an incredible experience for me! As you know, coming back to the "real world" posed some re-entry problems. It was like culture shock. Now, after several days, I'm beginning to get my equilibrium. Another 2 1/2 weeks and I'll be back there again.

Here's an update:

We are gradually getting settled in our new place. It's been an extremely traumatic experience but things are starting to come together...and fall apart...

We've been experiencing problems with our well and our water. Our next door neighbour has been a huge help to us but now we need to call in a well drilling expert and get some expensive work done. We've got sand in our water and it's clogging up our filtering system.

All four of the young people who live here are going to camp this summer at one time or another.

, our almost 16 year old granddaughter is counseling at a Christian camp (Graphite Bible Camp) this week and next. She will be going on a Missions Trip to Belize for the last 11 days of August.

Matthew, our 12 year old, has been going to a carpenter's workshop/camp this week and will be going for a week to Camp Medeba this month.

, our 11 year old, will be going to Joy Bible Camp.

, the 27 year old young lady who lives with us, will be going to the Christian Horizons camp for two weeks in August.

While I'm at Elim Lodge for the 2nd week in August most of my family will stay there with me. We're looking forward to that.

Please pray for our well/water problems. Pray that we'll find a solution that doesn't "soak" us financially.

Our van is in dire need of repair. Pray that we'll be able to get that looked after. Our good friend has already started working on it but he's finding lots of things that need fixing.

And finally, please pray that the Pilgrim will remain strong in His/my faith during these times of transition. THANK YOU!

In His great love,

~ David


Felisol said...

Dear Pilgrim David,
thee are good news.
With you settled down in Elm's Lodge and all the children headed for camps, Christian ones. so it seems.
A better gift you cannot give.

I'll pray for the blessing of their summer and life, just as I'll pray for your water supply and your car as well as your strength and faith,
you lily on the field.
God bless you richly.
From Felisol

Vicki said...

Praising God for your uplifting experience at Elim Lodge, and for the time when you'll go back. How wonderful that your sons, Victoria, and Tamara are preparing for their camps and the Belize missions trip. Lord, we thank You for these precious lives and look expectantly to You for their provision, safety, and time of spiritual growth. Bless them with an incredible time of love and fellowship.

Lord, we know this problem with the well water doesn't catch you unawares, but gives us an opportunity to trust You and pray for our brother, so we come together lifting David's need. We need You to clear the water and unclog the filtering system. Lord you own everything, so it's not hard for you to meet this dire provision: You are the WELL of LIFE. We pray Your favor over David's life, that Your will for him is being worked out. Increase his faith, enlarge his territory of faith. Pour out Your grace on this situation, Lord. Let every financial and transportation need be met, in Your creative way. Lord, when our brother hurts, we hurt, and David is our brother. We pray for encouragement to flood his heart this week, that his spirit might soar on the wings of eagles in the midst of frustration. Thank you for David's ongoing testimony of Your unending faithfulness. How great is Your faithfulness, oh Lord. Your mercies are new every morning! Every morning! Daily will we sing Your praises! And thank You for hearing each one of our prayers for brother David....
... and all the Pals say AMEN.

hebrews 11:1 said...

Dear Mr. Fisher,

I pray that the Lord will give you wisdom in all that you are going through, especially the situation with your water.

Thank you for the update. It is always good to hear from you here. I am sorry I haven't written you snail mail since the end of May...I haven't been up to writing anyone, really.

May God bless you richly,