Friday, July 25, 2008


Blessings to the "pals"
Called of GOD , separated for "good works" UNTO HIS NAME

What a great post from Donna -- A blessing to us all
Remember if U would
Cole and Taylor - God can with no problem touch this family - "HE" wants us to bring them to the THRONE
Vicki and sister - Mom Golden's spirit to stay strong -- Felisol's mom to not be sad - Saija's Leo and for Saija to find "strength" for daily tasks - Donna's life and world and to have her husband saved - David the pilgrim's mom TODAY in surgery -
Lil M and her work - Jel the quiet one -- The two Laura's - Amber , Arlene's daugther - The "other" Julie (Sweet Inspirations) LPP and LMG and family AND for God to sell the family van (GOD CAN SELL A VAN TOO ) David's daily needs as he LOOKS to God --- Amrita's testimony in India and that she stays strong in the Lord -- Claire's "R" that she grows in grace and light.

IS THERE MORE -- OF COURSE --- remember in prayer the daily needs of all of us -- and the "church" persecuted in this anti-christ world ---

God gives us "just" enough trials that we "break" not -- but what our Lord does give us is ABUNDANT JOY (not laughing sort of stuff) but PEACE in the midst of trial -- HE gives us HOPE ---

press on this Friday
passing-thru ---


hebrews 11:1 said...

Hello, PT and all you Pals!

I just got back from cleaning...and these Pals must have been praying....because I didn't feel lightheaded or anything like that the whole time, not tired either! I prayed for you as usual, and for all the Pals, and thanked God for you.


donna said...

Hi everyone...
I am having severe pain from my left shoulder all the way up the left side of my head to the very top. I am going to lay down and nap with Vera...pray for me...yes?

Anonymous said...

praying for you, Mrs. Butler!