Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Cole, Taylor, their Mom and family --- LPP and LMG and family and the selling of their Van
David's home needs and ministry -- Terry's Van to keep it running ---- Amrita's, Bank need ---
Felisol's Serina for God to help her in her new school - for Gunnar -- Claire's "R" for Light ---
Lil M and her job interview -- May God's Blessing be on U

Needs GREAT and small - HE CARES ABOUT THEM ALL ---

*** MUST READ -- Our Vicki's blog site "Windows to My Soul" -- WOW -- what a good post - INFO GATHERING
I "loved" her phrase of "Grown on the Vine" ---------- I agree totally with the Inspired Word of God over all other readings ----------- " GOOD STUFF " Vicki

good nite my pilgrim pals


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