Sunday, July 20, 2008

One More Movie From Little Montreal Girl

This is a movie that I put together with our pictures, some pictures from Cross Daily, and some pictures that a friend took in Israel. Oh a few of the pictures I snagged from emails we got...Love LMG


passing-thru said...

Again ----- thankyou

May HIS GRACE cover U all your days LMG

U girls are a blessing to us

hebrews 11:1 said...

Just for the record here....

This movie LMG made from family photos, a friend's photos, and a few other random photos. She put it all together herself.

The other movie is just one she found on youtube and wantd to share with you Pals.

Love and Prayers,

passing-thru said...

Wow --- she is creative --
Realy well done --

I enjoyed it and will now go and view it again --

thanks for "filling" us in LPP

passing-thru said...

Trusting HIS GRACE to work in your lives -- many will "find" The LORD because of your family --

Your a "blessing" to this unworthy pilgrim -

Terry said...

Hey Little Montreal Girl..It sure didn't take you long to be snagging picture,eh?
I do it quite often myself.
Pilgrim David taught me all about how to lift pictures and Passing-thru taught me how to copy and paste which is what I did with your note to me!
Mr. Shirkie and I watched this video and every time he saw a kitty on it , he almost went wild.
Sometimes I do declare he loves that Shopper[his own cat] better than he does me!!!
Love Mrs. Shirkie

Felisol said...

Dear LMG,
beautiful film.
Makes me recall the pure enthusiasm of youth.
Keep on keeping on you Pilgrim sisters.
From Felisol