Friday, July 18, 2008


Sun is setting , storm clouds are diminishing over the horizon .
Pilgrim warriors returning to their homes after toiling for bread all week.
Some faced physical "battles" , most faced "spiritual" battles, garments tattered, showing that the fight was fierce.

There will be "more battles" , it's written in THE BOOK.
We count our "numbers" no one was lost -- "the pilgrims" gather for a "Praise fest"

Lil M has carried the banner high " Our Lord Reigns "
Terry has called the "troops" she blows the trumpet loud , she is a seasoned warrior of the Cross
LPP and LMG , young in years but "strong" in faith have encouraged the troops.
Vicki has seen these "battles" before, she prays long and hard in her "private place"
Claire bends on holy knees , "onward" she cries , we will not lose one of ours in this battle fierce.
Donna has "supplied" us when we were "tired" , she is an "encourager"
Felisol brings the "fight" from far off places , always there when "we" need her.
Jel , quiet and prayerful - a strong ally and friend , "one" we can count on .
Laura too and Julie , Christian soldiers they, part of our "family of God"
Pilgrim David and others brave, praying for "us" for another day --
Many other pilgrim warriors, many other battles fought - fight on - the battle is ours --

A special "thankyou" for those that make the effort to "comment" - it helps to encourage the pilgrims --

Thankyou ALL for standing firm
In God's Great Name , we "stand" this day


Felisol said...

Dear Passing-thru,
I can't help it, I just feel so blessed seeing all those names highlighted in bright colors, and mine among them.
I've always wondered what it looks like, this heavenly book with all our names inscripted.
That will be the day!
But you, dear passing-thru, are giving me a foresight of Kingdom Come just here and now.
God bless you richly back.
From Felisol

passing-thru said...

Yes Felisol, "HE SAYS" our names are written "in HIS hand" also -
HE has promised so much for us -and we can "know" HIS love here and now as we journey onward -
Hoping Gunnar is getting better -
Blessings to U and your family -

hebrews 11:1 said...

GREAT STUFF...I love this post!


Vicki said...

Ah yes, and our names are written in the Lamb's book of Life...therefore we can hold a continually Praise Fest in His honor!

Even though this life is laced with battles, the Victory is ours in Christ! We need only stand firm in the faith, wearing our armor, and trusting in our Redeemer King who goes before us. He supplies all we need. He said so!

Loved this post, PT! Really got me anchored and steadied again...THANKYOU. It's so encouraging to witness how the Pals pray and stand together.

passing-thru said...

Thanks LPP and Vicki -- HIS WORD is so true -- HE fills our needs and inspires us to LOOK to HIM

The "army" of the LORD is not like the movies but more like Heb. 11 --Sane, tired, blessed and sometimes tattered but by "faith" we declare and share HIS LOVE for us thru Christ's Atoning Sacrifice --