Thursday, July 31, 2008

Getting Together

Dear Pilgrim Pals:

I posted the following note as a comment following the AN EXCITING LUNCH post but thought I should make a special post of it. How exciting to see our PILGRIM PALS getting together. A little bit of heaven on earth. Keep it up!

Lots of love,


Here's that comment that has become a post:

Dearest Donna and Terry:

Can you imagine the joy and fulfillment I feel when Pilgrim Pals meet? I'm always overjoyed.

Donna, you are getting to meet everybody. Before I know it you'll be in India with our beloved Amrita with side trips to Australia to visit Rodney and a stop-over in Norway to pray with Serina and Gunnar and spend some time with Felisol.

Thank you, dear pals, for taking the time to build on these special friendships that have been forged through the Pilgrim Pals web site. Just think what it will be like in heaven when we have all eternity to spend time together around the throne of the One who brought us all together.

I'm refreshed this morning after reading about An Exciting Lunch.

Let's do it more!

Much love in Christ,

~ David


Pilot Mom said...

Oh what fun!! I do believe we need to plan a reunion in the future. It can be back east etc, wherever the most people are gathered around. And, we need to give enough time so we can save our $$'s to get there. It would be so lovely!! How I wish I could have been there!

It's a wonderful picture! Only, I was sad that Mom Golden didn't have on her new hat! *wink*

Julie (Little Missionary) said...

That would be so wonderful Pilot Mom!! Pilgrim Pal Prayer Warriors United!


Terry said...

Dear Pilot-Mom
The new hat that Betty bought for Mom was blue. I will take a picture of her with it on and put it in later!.
Donna's heart was really set on getting that orange one, so Mom Golden didn't buy it. HA!...Love Terry

donna said...

Now Terry...did you have your glasses on??...for I was certain that hat was pink not orange....

ask Mom Golden, she would remember better than all of us LOL!!!

passing-thru said...

I agree David ---

It refreshed my heart as well to "know" that some of us pals were getting together --

Real Joy in our spirits for sure --