Thursday, July 24, 2008

To Dear Mrs. Ljung

My Mom celebrated her 60th wedding anniversary alone today. I could tell by her voice in the phone, it was a tough day... Felisol


passing-thru said...

Am so sorry Felisol ---
May U be upheld as I know this saddened U to hear your Mom's voice like this --
Will be praying for your mom and for U and Gunnar ---

Julie (Little Missionary) said...

Hi Felisol, I'm sure it was tough for your mom but thank God she has you to call. God please bless Felisol's mom with your embrace and comfort.

J - Little Missionary

Amrita said...

Beautiful song Felosol. Your Mom must miss your Daddy so much.God bless and comfort her

Pilot Mom said...

(((Felisol's Mom)))

Felisol said...

Dear Terry & Pals,
we have been rather busy for a couple of days and I have not been able to keep up with my internet friends.
Thank you so very much, Terry, you are a rare rose in the garden of our Lord.
What a wonderful picture. I'll print it out and send it for my Mom, she'll be delighted.
Terry for sure is an artist with her pictures. You are spreading a lot of joy and comfort with your compositions! Bless you.
God bless all of you for caring.
My Mom is her old fighting self again today, thanks to your prayers.

Passing-Thru once said we should wright about prayers being heard.
My Mom is such a woman upheld by Pilgrims' prayers, and Norwegian Christians' prayers as well.
She had a severe brain stroke, January 7th this year. Was totally paralyzed, could not speak or eat.
She stayed with us for 3 month, had nurses four times a day, till spring came and my Mom began longing for her garden.
Now she is living by her own, planting and sowing, making her own dinners, doing her own shopping, has even taken up knitting and x-words. The nurses and therapists have been released one by one.
Funny thing is, she has never complained less about her situation than now, except for yesterday. She had a downer, but Terry saw to that she over won that too.

That is a true wonder, a God given developement, that should not really happen. The doctors gave us no such hope.
God is the greatest healer, had does not care about prognosis or age.
He has his plans for our lives.
Blessed be his name.
Yours Felisol