Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Leo

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEO!!!!! And many more!!!
Love from Little Montreal Girl


donna said...

Happy Birthday Leo and
Congratulations LMG on your first edit LOL !!!

hebrews 11:1 said...

A happy birthday to you!
A happy birthday to you!
May you feel Jesus near
Every day of the year!
A happy birthday to you!
A happy birthday to you!
And the best year you've ever had!

Love and Prayers,

Congrats on your first post, Sis!

Vicki said...

yes, HaPpY BiRtHdAy to Leo!

Thanks for posting, LMG. Our love & prayers...Vicki

passing-thru said...

Wow -- this is such a blessing to have this lady from Canada posting birthday greetings and such --
LMG and Terry ------- what a team

LPP is proud of her sister --

I like this family --
Hebrews 11:1 , I "knew" from the first that U and your sister were the "real deal" my hat goes off to your mom and dad , they did a great job with U "kids"

Terry said...

I now have a little help in the birthday department!
My own Little Montreal Girl!!

Come on Little Girl 'Fess up now!...Mrs. Shirkie taught you all you know about posting!
And this wasn't your first post neither.
It was you third!
The first two said "Hi".
I deleted the first one!
YOU deleted the second!!
Come on now, eh? Love Mrs. Shirkie

donna said...

LPP, LMG and I were laughing so hard when LMG was putting up the post for Leo because it was to be her first one without anyone's help...yes you did help her with her first ones...and she was telling her sister what a GOOD speller she was and then she misspelled a word in the post...so can you imagine how funny that was??? she said she didn't know how to edit and was going to mess up the whole post....sooo I helped her through her first edit!! We are such a great team of pals...and blessed to have Little Monreal Girl with us...oooops I mean Montreal Girl...LOL!!

Saija said...

what a super duper team effort!

leo will be impressed!!!!

thank you for much LMG for tackling the unknown of posting - and doing such a great job of it!!! YAY!!!!


leo had a peaceful day yesterday ... it was a nice way to start another year ...

blessings on you all!