Saturday, July 19, 2008


Dear Terry -- I removed your heartfelt post to me just now -- The song and your words meant and mean so much to this pilgrim ---
U along with many other pals are more of an encourgement to me than U all realise --
But turning this to The Lord and the "needs" of the pilgrims is more important ---- thanks again Terry for such a nice gesture.

This week is coming to a close --

Have we drawn closer to the Lord
Were prayers answered ? Were we "expecting" answers

No , this is not a bible quiz or an interrogation -- just a fellow pilgrim , helping to "pull" one another along --

Will U pray for little Cole (check Terry's blog) I will
Will U keep Donna in prayer
Will U remember our LPP and LMG , tomorrow will be difficult as it was "their" day
Will U pray for Gunnar - he has been ill lately -
Will U touch the throne for Vicki
The list goes on --- U know the needs better than I
This one thing I know and that is GOD has never failed "ONE of HIS OWN" --
Remember these words -- HE has never been late , HE has never been broke, HE has never not been able, ----
WHAT HOPE for the pilgrim ---
That God thru Christ should love a sinner such as I

Take Heart pilgrims ---



Terry said...

We will keep all of these in remembrance Passing-thru and we will keep in remembrance you and Joanne too...Love Terry

I hope all of the Pals have a blessed Lord's Day!

Vicki said...

Praying for all these dear Pals of ours tonight, and you too, PT. A blesssed weekend to all.


PS- in earlier posts I referred to Julie's mention of 'spiritual heart surgery' but I'm not having real surgery, in case that's still not clear:-)... but I do need prayer.

passing-thru said...

Thanks Terry - Blessings from Above for U too -

Thanks Vicki -- it's clear now -- I was mistaken on the surgery :-)

And like U , we all need prayer --

Blessings to U and I especially enjoy that "gentle" spirit that "shows" thru your writings.