Thursday, July 24, 2008



as LMG has with this video ---

The Lord gives
"just" enough strength for one to finish his day -
"just" enough trial so that we continue to look to HIM --
"just" enough of whatever we need to keep us praying for daily manna ---

Let us "ABIDE" by Resting and Believing and not striving to do but Looking to the ONE who has already done ALL that we will ever need.

So for every discouragement -- HE is "the lifter of our heads"
So for every need -- HE feeds the 5 thousand
So for every blessing -- HE opens our hearts larger for the people "without"

For any who have not visited Vicki's Blog site -- she is a blessing of quality God filled "thoughts" --- I have been blessed reading her posts.

Blessings to LPP and LMG and for LMG's adding to the "pals" blessings
Remember Donna, Vicki and sister - Cole and Taylor - Pat's mother-in-law and family -Felisol's mom and Gunnar ---Mom Golden for her "spirit" to lift and for Terry to stay strong -- Claire's "R" or as LMG calls her "Rachel" -- Saija's Leo -- Amrita's mom --
What a great group these "pals" are -------- *David, share with us when God starts answering your prayer needs , we are looking for those blessings with U.

We are blessed to have these opportunities to pray for others ---


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