Monday, July 28, 2008


There is something to be "said" for the old time religion --
When we used to "testify" in our church services -- "pop-corn" testimonies - What a Blessing -
The Bible was held up for all to see and not our degree in psychology
When preachers relied on The Holy Spirit's leading for a message instead of a "year of recorded sermons for each week"
When sinning bowed our souls till we found peace with God --
When "missions" was a burden for us to do something --
When "soul winning" was a word used in church --

*Today we see mega churches -- multi-tasking church leadership -- classes on "relativism" - preaching a Christ of niceties -- a gospel of love, sweetness , giving no offence -- so we get better by being positive, attending positive re-inforcing services and "feeling good" --
Now not all of these churches are bad -- no no no -- but we must beware of this one thing -- Since when has the Gospel of Jesus Christ been so popular -- Sin and the preaching of The Blood has always "bothered" natural man and has never been popular in John Doe's , First Church of Common Sense

We preach Christ and Him Crucified - fleeing from the Wrath to Come -- Hating Sin in all its allurment -- The Bible is The Light to our path and The Lamp to our feet not the latest best seller by some super star Christian author -- We preach Christ in All HIS GLORY - His Love for the world -- We preach Salvation thru His Blood ONLY -- nothing man can do can influence God in saving his soul -- none of this " come to church , be nice - treat your neighbor like Jesus would and have a good week -- kisses , hugs --etc.

I testified to the Social Worker today at work, she is saved , told her how I witnessed to my mom and dad and how God saved them 3 months later - - she had tears as she had witnessed to her mom , a christian scientist --(cult) she has not seen her mom come around in 20 years -- after I shared with her , she said she will continue to "believe" God for her mom --

God Bless all the Old Time Believers ---
there are many saved believers in all churches , we just want to keep the Lights Burning as they did in Paul's day -----



ron said...

Passing Thru,

Thanks for this old time gospel message Bro. ! Its been a long time for me but I miss them old time gospel messages that made you squirm and find yourself in the darkness and when the spirit knocked on the door of your heart you remembered all you had did wrong , but when Jesus turned the Light on " OH HOW GREAT IT WAS " !

I learned more about Jesus when I was a little guy from the Two old Time Gospel Preachers that came out of the Blueridge Mtns of Ga that was not concerned whether you squirmed or not ?


passing-thru said...

Lol --- good stuff Ron

U made me smile -- so true --

We are remembering Cole and Taylor and family daily --

Rest in His Goodness , Ron

Amrita said...

Thank you so much PT

V need to be told things like that.

Gimme dat ole time religion - its good enough for me.I vant to sing that song.

The Church of the Common Sense is not deep enouigh as the Bible.