Saturday, July 26, 2008

UPDATE....Prayers for Pat's Mother In Law

On Friday, July 25th, Pat writes:

My precious Mother-In-Law has passed on today and is now walking those streets of Gold.
Her entire family was with her when she passed away, and prayed and loved her into her new eternal home where there is no more pain or sorrow.
She left us all with the meaning of charity - her heart was so generous, she could never deny anyone in need if she could possibly help them. She also left her humor in our hearts and we will always remember her with with a smile and great love.
Thank you all for all your prayers and support. I ask once again to continue to hold the family in prayer as we go through the next few days of arrangements and the funeral.

Thanks for praying for her dear Pals...
posted by donna

Please everyone.....let's remember to pray for Pat's mother-in-law
and if you have a chance, stop over to her blog and leave a kind word.
Her blog is Living on Grace
Here are the details if you aren't aware of her situation.

I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes concerning my Mother-In-Law, and let you know what is happening.

Today, she was admitted as a Hospice patient, and hopefully will remain in the hospital and receive her care there instead of being moved to a nursing home. We have several homes that are very good, but at this stage, we really prefer that she not be moved. Her care now is strictly comfort, dignity and peace. She has her son, daughter and the rest of us who love her near her every day.

Having had my own Mother in Hospice care last November, I find great comfort knowing how wonderful they are and how they make this most difficult time a little easier to go through. They were like ministering angels and I can't say enough good about their organization.

Since this is such a critical time, I will be gone from home most of the day...but I still covet your prayers, and can see the hand of God all along this journey.

Thank you all so much for all the love and prayers! Pat

posted by donna


passing-thru said...

We will remember

Terry said...

Dear Donna...I am glad that you posted this. Miss Patty and her family surely need our prayers and so does the dear mom-in-law that she will feel the Lord's presence with her...Love Terry

passing-thru said...


What a great testimony and WE DID pray for this family every day this week ---------

"There are no good byes to the Christian" only , we will see U shortly ----
Blessings on U Donna for being faithful to let us know and Blessings on Pat's family for the loss they are going thru ---

Terry said...

Dear Donna..I feel bad I never saw this until now. I was so busy making a post for Mom and Dad's anniversary.
Thanks for telling us.
Two moms in less than a year gone to heaven for Miss Patty and her husband...We will surely pray for the family....Love Terry

You are right Passing-thru
No good-byes just so-longs until later!
Meet you in the morning
What a blessed hope!

Little Montreal Girl said...

Dear Miss Patty,
I know what you are going through. I lost my Dad 1 month ago. I pray the Lord gives you strenth for each and every day. And remember, you'll meet her in the morning.

I just had a thought. My Daddy was probably at heavens gates to welcome her!