Friday, July 18, 2008


This "Mystery" of CHRIST and HIS Church
We are "distinctly" different from the unsaved - we dress alike , eat the same foods, drive automobiles , work in the same buildings, have the same needs and wants
BUT there is a "spiritual difference" in us.
The Spirit of Christ, The Holy Spirit indwells us -- we are cut from a different cloth now -- we have become "aliens" in this present world ---
One can sense it when we mention HIS NAME --- Make no mistake , we are "strangers" here and we are on a journey to Another Place , so don't make a common mistake and "think" we can blend in --- "they" will spot us everytime and bring embarrassment if U try and act worldly --

Let your LIGHT so shine before men
Be ready to give an answer for the HOPE that is within U
Determine to live soberly, righteously not as the world lives --

Good nite -press on pilgrims


Terry said...

Good morning Passing-thru..
You are right about the Christians being aliens to the world. If the unsaved can't see the difference in us, something is wrong!
I wanted to tell this little story that I heard when I was a teenager told by one of the old preachers.
A young fellow apparently got saved just before he had to go out on a job with the loggers.
He went for a few weeks with the work crew and when he got back, Mr.. Taylor asked him, "Well how did it go?
"Oh, it went just perfect! My being a Christian! I had no trouble at all! The men didn't suspect a thing!"
Oh ! Oh! big question mark on that guy, eh? I guess he certainly blended in!!!"

Have a great weekend everybody!...Love Terry

passing-thru said...

Thanks Terry --- lol , funny story -- I have been there myself though --- its only human to want to "fit" in -----

Vicki said...

Pressing on in Jesus, amen!