Tuesday, July 22, 2008


awaiting, arising, fascinating
east, dawn, west, dusk
stunning, descending, evening,
nightfall, Creator

Footnote:Poetry (A Diamante)
By; Donna


Terry said...

Oh Donna!!
Thank you so much for the sunrise!
You are a good girl and a well loved Pilgrim Pal and everybody's friend...Love Terry

PS Why are you up so early? Got to bed kind of late didn't we?
The only reason I am awake is because Dad Golden phones every morning at seven. Otherwise I would of been still sawing logs!!
I might saw me a few later!
Thanks again dear Donna...love Terry

donna said...

I am always up late..it is when I write, mostly.....and up early..for the sunrise ...although the sun is no where to be seen this morning in my fair town..

now...Terry....the second picture is of the sunset...not to be confused with the first, which is the sunrise...

Terry said...

Yeh,the second picture is a sunset! You 'splained it to me yesterday Donna...Ha!...love Terry

donna said...

LOL Terry ! Just checking!

jel said...


thank ya


hebrews 11:1 said...

Beautiful pictures and I just LOVE the diamante. I used to write those for school often, and they were always such a fun excercise!

Love and Prayers to BOTH night owls who have commented here thus far,
LPP who should really get to bed earlier instead of talking ;)

passing-thru said...

Love nature settings - the smell of woods grass and things
Important for us all to take time and "smell the roses"

Terry and Donna , U "guys" better leave me alone -- stop picking on me and whats this about Cuba ? LOL

Vicki said...

I'm a nightowl, too. Always have been. People try to fix me but it's never worked...LOL

Love the photos, Donna.

Hello to Jel & LPP! Sending hugs!

Little Montreal Girl said...

I love this! See I'm here Mrs. Butler!

Love you,
Little Montreal Girl

donna said...

Wow everyone...thank you for your sweet comments...I am blessed!

havent seen you in so long JEL....and thanks for commenting LMG...