Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Sharing the Word with Kevin a 35 year old married man with 2 teenage girls who lives in a very "rough" side of town. He and his family are saved and used to attend church but have been "drifting".
I told him of some answers to prayer and how God cares and "wants" them to walk close with HIM. --
He said that his family was going thru a hard time. This was yesterday at work I shared.
Today I seen him, he looked tired but happy -- He said his folks last nite called and their refrigerator broke, they were poor and older.
Kevin said he prayed and asked God to answer prayers the way he did for me.
When his folks called him, Kevin was with another friend who "just happens" to know a man that sells used appliances and at 11 oclock last nite , this friend with his pickup truck went and delivered a refrigerator for 40 dollars and if anything at all goes wrong with it they will replace it with another one, and all this was around midnight.

Kevin is warming up again to the Lord and I let him take Roger Steer's book on George Mueller "Delighted in God" ---

ALL THIS IS TO SAY --- Have U testified to anyone -- Have U had answers to prayer -- share them with the "pals"
Let us lift up our Lord .

blessings on U pals this wed nite


Julie (Little Missionary) said...

What a nice story! Praise God for He is our provider...even of fridges.

J - Little Missionary

Pilot Mom said...

I have an exciting story to share with you all so you can be lifting it up in prayer!

About 3 weeks ago a young woman, whom I will call R, gathered her husband and parents and any siblings available and shared how she did not believe in the mormon church anymore. She told them she had quit wearing her garments etc. and would not be back at the LDS church. :) What is so exciting about this is her father is THE church historian! (That means fairly high up in the church.) She has been coming to our church ever since and asking questions like you wouldn't believe.

R is very intelligent, a deep thinker and well on her way to accepting Christ as her Lord and Savior. She began by reading C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity which then led to other books including the Bible.

A praise is her husband told her that no matter what she decided he would still love her no matter what, that he was committed to her and their two little boys (4 and 2). He also is very intelligent and she is discussing everything with him. I can see him coming to the Lord on down the road. :)

The discussions have been fascinating! I wish I could hear some of her and her husband's discussions!

Anyway, please pray for R (and her husband). Pray specifically that the enemy would not snatch the truth away from her. That the soil of her ♥ has been well prepared by the Holy Spirit so that those seeds can take root, and able to grow to maturity! Thank you all you faithful pray-ers!

passing-thru said...

Hi Lil M --- yes even of fridges and so late at night and "just so happens" that someone was nearby when that phone call came in - lol - all to show Kevin that God answers prayer --- good hearing from U , Lil M - how is "Alfie"

WOW -------- THAT IS AWESOME -- so rare to hear of such a work of the Holy Spirit in bringing someone "out" of this cult like that
We will remember "R"

Great testimony --- Blessings to U Claire ---
we remember U and yours daily --