Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Amrita has a prayer request -- needs the Lord to help in some banking matter --
Remember Lil M today
Cole and Taylor's mom is worn out and sick --
LPP's Mom needs a buyer for that van
David the pilgrim has needs for home and ministry -

Thanks Laura for such a good post --------

Blessings to all the Pilgrims -----------



Vicki said...

Praying for Amrita's need today, and more. Remembering Lil M, Cole & Taylor's mom, LPP's mom to sell the van, and our David for all his ministry & home needs as well.

Felisol said...

Dear Passing-Thru,
I too will pray. I have had an extraordinary good experience by getting financial help this summer. We are more than the lilies on the field, the Lord certainly has provided for me, and he will for LPP and Amrita too.

I would appreciate if someone would take time to lift up my Serina. She's in some rough waters and is soon leaving to join a new college, where she has not yet any accommodations or friends. She is very low and worn.

We are having a heatwave, 30 Celsius degrees, top record ever.
I have troubled with Blogger and changed my blog address.
Here it is.

Now I have to go outdoors again. WE have no fans of any kind. One usually don't need such things in Norway.
God bless you all.
From Felisol