Thursday, July 24, 2008

Exciting Story From Pilot-Mom & Prayer Request

I have an exciting story to share with you all so you can be lifting it up in prayer!
About 3 weeks ago a young woman, whom I will call R, gathered her husband and parents and any siblings available and shared how she did not believe in the mormon church anymore.
She told them she had quit wearing her garments etc. and would not be back at the LDS church. :)
What is so exciting about this is her father is THE church historian! (That means fairly high up in the church.)
She has been coming to our church ever since and asking questions like you wouldn't believe.
R is very intelligent, a deep thinker and well on her way to accepting Christ as her Lord and Savior.
She began by reading C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity which then led to other books including the Bible.
A praise is her husband told her that no matter what she decided he would still love her no matter what, that he was committed to her and their two little boys (4 and 2).
He also is very intelligent and she is discussing everything with him.
I can see him coming to the Lord on down the road. :)
The discussions have been fascinating!
I wish I could hear some of her and her husband's discussions!
Anyway, please pray for R (and her husband).
Pray specifically that the enemy would not snatch the truth away from her.
That the soil of her ♥ has been well prepared by the Holy Spirit so that those seeds can take root, and able to grow to maturity!
Thank you all you faithful pray-ers.....Claire


Julie (Little Missionary) said...

Wow - that is so great! Lord protect the tiny seed already planted and may it soon begin to sprout in both husband and wife and the children, with a committed faith in YOU!

J-Little Missionary

Little Montreal Girl said...

My firs thought was "Wow, that's great" and I see Little M beat me to it!

I will pray for, "Rachel" can I call her?

passing-thru said...

And I will pray for "Rachel" as LMG calls her ---
This is "good stuff" this praying for people to be saved . The Lord is doing a good thing here with Claire's Rachel --

Laura said...

What an exciting story!

passing-thru said...

Hi Laura -----

Lord Bless U --


now stop by more often and bring us a good testimony of God's working in your life ---

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hi, Pilot Mom!

I read this earlier and I thought of you and "R" as I passed by the Mormon church up the street from me. I told my brother about R, too. I will be praying for her.

LOve and Prayers,