Wednesday, July 16, 2008

NEW DAY TODAY -------------

Psalm 103 GOOD STUFF

verse 13 As a father has mercy toward his children (he sees their struggles, etc.) so OUR FATHER has mercy towards those that revere HIM
verse 14 HE REMEMBERS who we are , the work of HIS creation and that we are but dust

HOPE for the downhearted - HELP for the weak - PEACE is the result --

Take "heart" pilgrims ---
let's pray one for another and "count" our blessings -------

we will be praying -------------


Anonymous said...

morning Pals!

awesome post!
y'all r in my heart!

John 17: 1~25


Vicki said...

Praying for us all this afternoon.

Vicki said...

Today hubby and I mark our 30th year together, in spite of separation and hardship some of that time. It's a miracle that we're together or even alive. (long, long story:-)

Also, my sister in California has no place to live (again) since she was evicted and lost her job (again). If it wasn't for the mercy of strangers, I don't know where she'd be. We both know it's God's mercy, don't we? She has gone to church, confessed believing, and is raising her 10 yr. old daughter to trust & believe. The little girl (my niece) prays a lot. My sister's faith is not mature, though. She also may have a brain illness, which makes coping very difficult. Pray as you feel led. She can't move here (GA) due to child custody/visitation rulings in CA.

passing-thru said...

We will remember your sister Vicki

HE IS A FATHER to the fatherless and HE IS A SANCTUARY to the homeless --- we will remember