Thursday, July 31, 2008

TERRY IS NOT NICE --- well sort of - OK , she is nice but

Heh David the pilgrim , Lpp and Lmg , Felisol and Saija, Claire, Lil M, Jel , and Vicki too -- listen up -- our "saintly" Terry , the Terror of the North , "aka" The Strawberry Strewsel has called our Donna a "little" orange pumkin , who is delightfully deleting comments with the fastest "trigger" finger on the keyboard.

Not that Donna is so innocent -- her and Terry peeked out their windows and threatned poor innocent me with brooms -- and wanted Lil M to package me in one of her missionary box and ship me to Norway so Felisol could cook up something "strange" for me to eat .

The only two sweet people to me have been LPP and LMG ---



Julie (Little Missionary) said...


passing-thru said...


Terry said...

Little Pilgrim Pal was throwing pebbles at the Pilgrim. Do you call THAT nice?
Nope, the only one he had on his side was Little Montreal Girl. Her middle name is sweet!..Love Terry

passing-thru said...

aaah yes --- your right again ,

I am sure U have been blessed Terry to have met with Donna and spent such a good day together -

Blessings to U my good friend

donna said...


what a group!!!

passing-thru said...


Hoping Jen made out OK today

Mercies to ALL the "pals" tonight

and praying for David's home needs - May God add water to his well ------------

Vicki said...

You all are something--picking on poor PT! I miss a day here, and when I come back, y'all are cutting up! LOL...

Praying for all the Pals tonight...

Terry said...

Dear Vicki...See what happens when level headed Vicki misses a day or two, the whole gang of us except David and Little Montreal Girl are acting up way too bad!!
Everybody is just stuffed full of birthday cake except for David. He is stuffed full of Crayola crayons!

Always nice to see you in here Vicki!..Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Passing-Thru,
I have an agreement with Terry, she's sending you as a ginny-pig to try if Norwegian cooking fit for other than vikings.
I am so looking forwards to serving you smoked and boiled sheep head, potato dumplings med blubber in it, whale-beef and cod, mackerel, salmon,
shrimps and herring, (we even have Herring Jazz next week, true).
Even McDonald's serves salmon burgers in Norway.
We have a pharmacy just around the corner selling anti acidity pills. You will survive. Besides there's always bread and butter..
From Felisol

passing-thru said...

LOL ---------- FELISOL

Mmmmmm your food there sounds sooo delicious --- I can't wait to get shipped there in a missionary box and start eating ---------

Lord Bless U Felisol and bless your Serina and Gunnar ------

Little Montreal Girl said...

AWWWWW Passing-Thru, aren't you sweet!
I was away for 2 days and you all start acting up! Picking on poor PT! I know they do eat strange food in Norway, but it's not THAT bad. I have a scandinavian cookbook, and I like cooking that kind of food! It's not bad!

Oh and I missed, why is the Pilgrim full of crayons?

Vicki said...

Little Montreal Girl: Because there were crayon candles on the cake! LOL