Thursday, July 31, 2008


Remember David tonight -- his well ran dry --- "Let us keep this in prayer as well as his other needs -- thankyou
GOD IS SO GOOD --- HIS MERCIES NEVER FAIL -- "Let us , 2 or more agree to pray for any of these needs -- we know them already , God has promised to hear us Matt. 7 chpt as well as other scripture.

GOOD NITE and GOD BLESS ------ Thankyou Jesus for restoring us to LIFE ---


Terry said...

Yes Passing-thru
His mercies never fail.
I am so glad that your daughter's tests turned out well.. glad that David's well is working and am praying with the other pals for Victoria as she goes for that mission trip.
The next big thing will be when Little Missionary Julie gets the job that the Lord is planning for her and that Vicki's Shelby will be either restored or saved and that Dad Golden will be saved and all goes well for Donna's Jen and that little Cole will be cured[in the will of the Lord] and that the Little Pilgrim Pal and Little Montreal Girl's family will find more comfort for their hearts and that Gunnar and Serina will fare well, and last but not least that Maureen will feel the presence of the Lord as she is in so much pain with the cancer.Praise the Lord that she is a child of the King!
All is well so far this week. Pilot-Mom's friends going to a Bible conference? And David's mom on the mend?...What could be better!!!Love Terry

passing-thru said...


Like "manna" our trials and challenges are for one day at a time -------

Our God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ is as Faithful to us as He was to Noah, Moses, David , Paul , John Whitfield, George Mueller , Elizabeth Elliot, Terry Shirkie , LPP's dad and as He is to us this very day, this very moment ---------

Vicki said...

His mercies never fail....amen to that. Amen and amen!