Friday, July 25, 2008

Just thought I'd share...

Yesterday the chaplain of the Montreal Alouettes came by to see us. He brought with him a special gift from the Alouettes.

This years team signed last years picture. And in the picture, is our very own #89, Shaun Diner. We call Shaun our own, because he is from our hometown.

I think if you click the picture you can see it bigger and read the names.


passing-thru said...

A nice gesture for sure from this hockey team ---

I don't know who posted this but thankyou for sharing and I am sure it means alot to U

It's a NICE THING when people care and make an effort such as this.

passing-thru said...

My guess is this was LPP or LMG

Montreal ?? I am not the "sharpest knife in the drawer" but I try -- lol --

passing-thru said...

Hmmm maybe this was the "fish" that posted --

Little Montreal Girl said...

Passing-Thru I was ME that posted that---LITTLE MONTREAL GIRL!!!
The Alouettes are Montreal's pro football team. Sorry I didn't explain that.