Monday, July 21, 2008

More Confessions

Regarding my earlier post on legalism, let me make a few points clear. First of all, this has been an ongoing battle for me for most of my life. I still believe that many of the "don'ts" I grew up with are wrong for me to partake in and so I don't engage in those things.

Legalism bothers me and I don't want to be legalistic. But...Christians using their liberty as licence to do whatever they please irritates me too. So, as I seek to come to grips with this ongoing problem, here are some pointers for me and then for anyone else who struggles:
  • Seek to live godly lives in Christ Jesus that are above reproach
  • Don't judge others because of the "things they do" but love them and pray for them
  • Understand that what is wrong for you might be alright for someone else
  • When you are disappointed by the behavior of others make sure that there is no plank in your own eye before pointing out the sawdust in someone else's eye
  • Finally, leave the matter in the hands of an all-sufficient God who alone judges the matters of our hearts
Guess I'll go and have a beer. Just kidding!

"Father, give us Your strength to live lives that are pleasing to You. We pray in Jesus' name. AMEN!"


Terry said...

Well said Pilgrim David, all except that kidding about the beer!! Ha!...Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Pilgrim David,
I can confirm to all of your pointers,
(the beer too!)
I am truly thankful for being stumbleing along with the Pilgrim Pals.
From Felisol

donna said... arent stumbling along because of the beer??? now are you??....passing thru was mentioning some things of this nature last evening...have you ever been to cuba NY?

Felisol said...

Dear Donna,
no, i have no stronger addictions than coffee drinking.
I did however smoke tobacco long, long time ago, and stopped because child Serina asked me to.
I am and will not be a teetotaler.
I think if one should be a fundamentalist small amounts of alcohol is Biblical.
Referring to Jesus' first miracle.
I guess I drink fewer alcohol units than people going regularly to communion.
Alcohol does not go well along with my arthritis.
I guess my stumblings are more serious. Lack of controlling my tongue,- the worst I think.
I've been hurting people where they are most vulnerable just to win a discussion. The words once said, cannot be taken back.

This is not something I am proud about, It is a major problem, but I do fight with God on my side.

I should like to know what cuba NY is?
I imagine that NY is the city or the state New York?
I am the only one in my family on both sides who have not crossed the pond.
Serina was in California in June and my only sibling, my bro is just now playing bridge in Las Vegas.
I am staying by the tents and for now that suits me fine.
God bless you Donna for caring.
From Felisol

passing-thru said...

Cuba , N.Y -- lol
Felisol , don't listen to THAT DONNA , LOL

She is using an "inside" joke with me on Cuba, N.Y --

That Donna is one "witty" woman.

Blessings to U Felisol for "putting up with THAT DONNA" - lol

donna said...

I appreciate and respect your comments...I once had alcohol and tobacco addictions, but not any longer...and I apologize for my silly comments here for I was trying to add some humor to an otherwise serious subject...and I knew passing thru would catch me eventually me!!!! thanks for putting up with me !!

Terry said...

Dear Felisol...That Passing-thru is treading on thin ice..First of all he picks on our own Little Missionary, Julie on Monday and now on our sweet Donna.
He is cruising for a bruising to be sure!!....Love Terry

donna said...

passing thru- LOL LOL !!

have a blessed day

Amrita said...

Amen to that

passing-thru said...

Hmmm who can I pick on now ??

Terry is going to hurt me --
Donna is going to outwit me --
Lil M is going to put me in a missionary box and ship me somewhere - hmmm, maybe to Norway so Felisol can let me freeze over there ---