Wednesday, July 30, 2008

God's Power!

Just a quick I am off to visit my friend Maureen (the one with cancer) this evening and pray with her.

THANK YOU FOR PRAYING TODAY! I passed the computer test! It wasn't part especially was hard and I left it. The supervisor came in and we talked for a few minutes and I pointed out that question as being difficult - he reworded the question for me and suddendly it clicked...he said, "do you want to give it a try?" Wow - that is unheard of....I was given all sorts of time - no pressure. And I got it! Out of all the candidates I did the best on this test. I was then interviewed. The Holy Spirit was really at work in me. They asked for 2 references.....that means they want to offer me the position! So ....references....that could be difficult from my current job as they haven't exactely been my biggest fans. Pray about that my friends, as I am not too sure what to do.

Bless you.

J - Little Missionary


Felisol said...

Dear Julie LBM,
so far the Lord has stood by your side. He will not leave you now.
I'll pray that someone will spring to your mind as positive and reliable reference. Am actually praying now.
From Felisol

Terry said...

Oh Little Missionary Julie...I can hardly believe it even though we prayed. Why should I be surprised. I don't know why but I sure am happy!!!
Love Terry

Would the man that was your councillor at the church be a reference for you?

passing-thru said...

Continue to trust

will be praying for your refrences -


Vicki said...

Praising Him! (But I just knew you would pass):-)Keep looking to Him, just as you are doing, dear Julie.{{Hugs}}