Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Many cleaners or concentrates need to be diluted for proper use -- but not the Gospel --

"Paul" was careful NOT to water down the Gospel. Salvation simple and plain is of God ONLY. The "creature" has no boast in the redemption of himself. God planned, implemented, provided, and prepared us to "receive" and Saved us by His Own Blood.
A few weeks ago , I had two "latter day saints" show up - (years ago I "discussed" with some of salvation ) well !, I says to them as I answered the door -- Mormons heh ! , yes sir we are , they declared, and I guess that U would like to "discuss" religion of sorts , yes we would they said. Instead of "pointing" out their doctrinal error, I paused, and simply and sincerely said " gentlemen, your in a "cult" that teaches unbiblical truths , it is leading U to destruction and U in turn are leading others to a Christless grave. They started to protest, when I said this -- "Are U saved by Jesus Christ ONLY, His Blood and That is the Full Payment for your sins ." -- yes the both said, I then said , by faith in His work ALONE , a man is justified, they said yes. I THEN said this to them ---- Can U be saved without mormonism, can u be saved without joseph smith's teachings ?? They both in unison , dropped their heads and said quietly , NO -- I said gentlemen -- U agreed that a man is saved and justified PERFECTLY THRU THE FINISHED WORK OF CHRIST ALONE and now U say U cannot be saved without mormonism .
They could hardly look at me --- I said to them , SEE ! What a cult your in , one of bondage and fear -- "your taught in your meetings to answer evangelicals with "pat" answers to doctrine but U know the bible declares that a man is justified by faith in the Blood of Christ ALONE and yet thru your attendance in a cultic society , U are in darkness and fear and have been taught that it is thru joseph smith and mormonism that U are saved --- they walked from my home with heads down and I said as they left -- with your own mouths U have declared the "error" of your ways and U now go looking to "lead" others to a Christless salvation.

I padded my words with "tenderness" and expressed God's Love for them and told them clearly, that their gospel is that of joseph smith and NOT THAT OF CHRIST'S -- of this they could not deny ----

I repeat here for any readers , my tone and earnestness was of tender compassion --


ps. Happy Birthday again Pilgrim


Laura said...

I can't tell you how GRAND it is that you are posting here again!!

passing-thru said...

Hi Laura -- thankyou and God Bless

Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru.
I am glad that you were tender to them as you explained the gospel.
You know they always pair those fellows strong and one weak.
Perhaps the weaker of those two boys will not only remember your kindness but will also recognize and embrace the truth of what you were telling them.
God bless you Passing-thru.

I agree with Laura...what a GRAND thing that you are back!!..Love Terry

Pilot Mom said...

I am praying for these two young men that the Truth which they heard would sink way down into the fibers of their souls and begin to change their hearts of stone to the soft pliable heart supplied by God! Thank you for not turning away PT but being willing to share with them!

GREAT to have you back posting!

passing-thru said...

Thanks Claire and am remembering Pilot ---

Yes , Terry ,, with a tender heart and sincerety I told both of them they have been snared by a cult for it centers around a "human being" and not around the CHRIST of the Bible --- of that , they could not deny --

Terry said...

That's true Passing-thru.
They are snared and just don't realize it!
One time two of them came to Mom Golden's door and while I was talking to them, I said,'Do you have a picture of your girl friend in your wallet, seeing as you are so far from home?"
Well they each pulled out a picture of their girls and pretty girls they were Passing-thru.
The "religion" topic was dropped as they talked about their girlfriends and that is when I asked them if they would like to come to a gospel meeting. They said they would and they did!
I will never forget that one boy was really interested at what he heard but the other boy got him away really quickly after the meeting.
I hope that the boys read the gospel papers that were given to them and perhaps you never know, they might of taken them to heart!
Pilot-mom is so right to be praying for these guys Passing-thru..

Have a good day at Terry

passing-thru said...

Thanks Terry