Saturday, July 12, 2008


Think back --
remember "that" kind word a person spoke when U were "down"
remember how it "felt" when U thought they forgot your birthday , only to find "that" special gift was wrapped and waiting in the other room.
remember how good it was when mom tended U when U were sick with fever and she stayed by your side
remember how alive U felt , sitting by the creek, under a tree , with the smell of moist air and cut grass.
remember the "thrill" when U did your best and dad said , good job Bob
remember the "touch" of a baby's hand on the cheek of your face, so tender , so exploring , so real
remember how "sad" U felt when U failed your mate, or hurt your friend
remember how "TENDER" the LORD has been with your life -

LET US REMEMBER to be praying faithfully for LPP and LMG's family , specially tomorrow
to be praying faithfully for Claire and Pilot
to be praying faithfully for Lil Missionary's job requests
to be praying for David the Pilgrim and his needs
to be praying for Terry , as she has had weakness in her legs -
to be praying for all the "pals" - Vicki's sister - Saija's hubby - Donna's prayer log -- the list is long , it is as long as the life HE gives us here to serve -------

WITH TENDERNESS HE sought us , found us , and saved us by HIS OWN BLOOD --

good nite my friends


hebrews 11:1 said...

PT, I just got on Pals after being gone since Friday evening and I cannot explain my joy at seeing the ever-so-familiar prayer request lists BACK!!

God bless you richly,

passing-thru said...

Thanks LPP --- we remembered U and your family on this special day --
Will be praying daily for your family's healing and HIS HELP in the days to come ---

hebrews 11:1 said...

Thank you for remembering us...I found it much easier than the last two Sundays...maybe I did not have as much time to think, as I was busy from one end of the day to the other...i am just having a problem with a disagreement with my family on a certain decision my mom wants to make, and i'd appreciate prayer on that. I don't like all the strife that follows whenever I voice my opinion on the matter...and yet I think I have the best opinion on the subject....tough.

Thank you again for your prayers,