Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I love being Canadian. It's a beautiful country. However, today I could weep. Today I am not so proud. Why?

Apparently, Henry Morgentaler will be awarded the Order of Canada today.

"The Order of Canada is the centrepiece of Canada’s honours system and recognizes a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation. The Order recognizes people in all sectors of Canadian society. Their contributions are varied, yet they have all enriched the lives of others and made a difference to this country. The Order of Canada’s motto is DESIDERANTES MELIOREM PATRIAM (They desire a better country)." http://www.gg.ca/honours/nat-ord/oc/index_e.asp

Henry Morgentaler - an abortionist. He takes innocent life and promotes it as "choice". Only God who gives life has the right to take life! I pray daily for women who are convinced that abortion is the best or only "choice" without realizing the spiritual, emotional and physical consequences of their decision. I do not judge women who have gone down this path - they are victims as well as the unborn babies - victims of the lies of the Enemy of life.

Henry Morgentaler does not deserve this award.

God forgive us!

Julie - LM

PS I refuse to call Morgentaler, doctor, because a true doctor seeks first to do no harm.


hebrews 11:1 said...

wow....i didn't even know that....

that guy is really so sick...I've read his quotes on abortions and women who choose them, and he turns my stomach!

Great post...


Terry said...

Dear Julie..I remember when I worked looking after my elderly client, that she really got mad a me one day because I disagreed with her. I told her that abortion was murder, and did she ever berate me! "Well, I said, "I am glad that my mom never ever considered abortion, She had all nine of us.!" And you know Julie, when I was sixteen, I will never forget what Mom Golden said one day. "Cec[my dad] I would like at least one more baby!"
My sister, Karen was born when I was seventeen and she was the prettiest blond haired blue eyed Manitoba baby I ever did see!"
Just imagine this client was almost 90 and very educated and yet she believes in murder!

I find it very hard to be proud sometimes with my country.
I AM proud of our soldiers who are fighting for freedom.

This is something that really bothered me when this man was given Canada's highest award, "Order Of Canada Award"
OTTAWA, Ontario, July 3, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Rev. Brent Hawkes of the Metropolitan Community Church in Toronto, the same man who flouted Canadian law by illegally "marrying" a homosexual couple in 2001, and who subsequently pushed homosexual "marriage" on Canada through the back-door of the judicial system, has now been awarded the highest honour that can be given to a Canadian civilian.
This past Friday, Rev. Brent Hawkes was awarded, along with several dozen others, the high honour of the Order of Canada, given in recognition of "a lifetime of distinguished service in or to a particular community, group or field of activity."

I know that this is the Pilgrim Pal Blog but this is what we stand for. To pray for our country and against these forces of evil!
So sad to hear that they have awarded Morgentaler!
You won't call him doctor Little Missionary Julie and I won't call him Mister!
Of course we must pray for his salvation but we don't have to respect what he is doing!...

Julie (Little Missionary) said...

I felt so strongly this should be posted and known by the all the Pals, so that we can PRAY for the most innocent babies who die everyday in this country. And yes, also for the conversion of of Morgentaler. It's hard to believe that someone who survived the Holocaust - such evil - would then turn around and use his God-given life and education to promote another holocaust - the killing of millions of innocent children. Our gift of free will is so powerful - we have the power to choose life or death. God beckons us to choose this day LIFE.

Let us remember those who are so very spiritually blind - that the Light of Christ would penetrate their hearts. Lord help us pray in love for those who seem so evil.

donna said...

When I read this I was very sad that perhaps your day had been ruined....because our world is full of evil and wrong every day...every hour....every moment..in every nation...but we....we have the power in our hands, we know and serve a mighty and powerful God and we pray against these things....and so, let us pray that your hearts, though sad, will find His abundant beauty and joy, the love of Christ, alive and well in your country today and in your hearts...for

Ye are the salt of the earth.........Matthew 5:13

In His Love
to My Canandian Friends

donna said...

and forgive me for misspelling Canadian....

my fingers get waaaayyy too happy as they are dancing across the keyboard.!!! And Yes. this ole gal still dances too !!!

hebrews 11:1 said...

You all make some very good points here....I live in the abortion capital of canada..and i am so grieved by that fact because there's a lot more problems that come with that...