Monday, July 7, 2008

Settling In

It's been just over a week since moving into my first home. What a blessing! Thank you Lord! I know it is a precious gift from Your hands. I sat out on my patio this morning with God's word, a cup of coffee and my bunny Alfie. I soaked in every moment - the kids playing in the park across the way, the flowers I've planted, the surrounding trees with birds singing their songs; a neighbour's cat looking up at us with intense curiosity.

I will be off work for another 4 weeks but then I must return to work. My doctor and I feel that a few more weeks will do me good; however, going beyond that would likely become detrimental (in other words - I'll never want to go back). Actually, the truth is, and you all know this, I already do not want to go back - not to my current position. It's a daily surrender to the Lord and His plan.

As I mentioned above, I spent time this morning in God's word - specifically Jesus' teaching on....."Ask and you shall receive.......what father would give his child a stone when he asks for bread......" Persistence in prayer. My Heavenly Father so often calls me to pursuing and persisting in prayer. One my "faults" (and perhaps yours too), is that I pray for a short time, a few weeks maybe and see no evidence that it's making a difference, so I give up. How do we know that the answer is just around the next "corner" if we just watch and pray a bit longer? It's strange how some blessings come without even asking the Lord - eg my home. Other things, such as a new job, do not come so easily - even when praying night and day. Many people brush it off as "not God's will", but I believe in many cases He just requires us to persist like the woman seeing justice with the unjust judge. God is not unjust - God is compassionate and desires to give us His very best. Now, I do not know for sure if the job I applied for with the paramedic service is God's best for me. However, I believe He certainly has better than where I'm at now. He used the difficulties in my current job to bring my own sin to the forefront so it can be repented of - which I have. He has used the struggles I faced in my job to work on my character and get me to deal honestly with my character flaws (eg the tendency to want to fit in and go along with the office idle talk). That flaw, which many of us suffer, must be curbed. A gossiper will only be gossiped about after all. It's not godly behaviour and it hurts others, yourself and most of all the heart of God.

All this to say, I am not done persisting in prayer that God grant me a job interview with the paramedic service for the admin position. Right now it seems a far fetched thing. The competition closed almost two weeks ago. But I am not giving up. Please persist in prayer along with me for this intention of my heart!

God's blessings to all of you today!

Julie - Little Missionary


Goldwings said...

May you have every happiness in your new home.

Thanks for the posting...gave me something to think about.

Terry said...

Dear Little Missionary Julie
How nice to hear your voice again!
What a peaceful scene you are sitting in, with your coffee and your bunny.
I am glad that you seem like you are all settled in.
Boy, you sure got all your unpacking done quickly!
I better not let Bernie read this post or he will wonder why I haven't unpacked the boxes from over 20 years ago, third time we moved and even the boxes that are still unpacked, over ten years ago, the last time moved!!
I am still hoping that the other job you applied for will come through Little Missionary, Julie...Love Terry

PS I just wonder why that Gold Wings isn't on the list with all the other Pilgrim Pals!!!
She seems to keep an eye on us all and comes in with such good comments!

donna said...

I keep praying for you and the new job... what you are going through (the gossip issue) drove me from my last corporate job, that plus my depression. I am not certain why this happens to some and not others...I only know that is has followed me all my life (being the object of gossip and backstabbing)which began in my teen I refuse to do it to anyone is vicious,to say the least, and you are right, does not honor God.

Hugs to you...your patio sounds lovely. I love my mornings on I will think of you!!

passing-thru said...

Your on the right path in "TRUSTING GOD" -- so let your speech and actions be the "AMEN" to your petitions to the Throne -
Lord Bless Lil Missionary

Laura said...

I really enjoyed your post Julie, thanks so much for sharing. I can understand the giving up after only a short time of praying about a certain issue, it's hard not to be discourged but we have to 'steady-on'.

God Bless You Today!

hebrews 11:1 said...

Hi Little Missionary!

It is good to hear from you. I am praying for you about that job. I pray that God will move in wondrous ways and show His faithfulness again.

Love and Prayers,