Sunday, June 10, 2007

Blessed Lord's Day

1. I'm but a stranger here,
Heaven is my home;
Earth's joy will disappear,
Heaven is my home.
Danger and sorrow stand
Round me on every hand;
Heaven is my fatherland,
Heaven is my home.

2. What though the tempest rage,
Heaven is my home;
Short is my pilgrimage,
Heaven is my home
And times wild wintry blast
Soon will be over past;
I shall reach home at last:
Heaven is my home.

3. There at my Saviour's side,
Heaven is my home;
I shall be glorified,
Heaven is my home.
There all the good and blest,
Those I love most and best;
And there I too shall rest,
Heaven is my home.

4, Therefore I murmur not,
Heaven is my home;
What e'er my earthly lot,
Heaven is my home.
And I shall surely stand
There at my Lord's right hand:
Heaven is my fatherland,
Heaven is my home.

Have a blessed Lord's Day Pilgrim Pals!


passing-thru said...

Yes on Heaven is my home - perspective/focus/ - remember when we first "found" Christ , how we listened for that trumpet sound ? rapture preaching - with urgency we shared "The Good News" - , then slowly we "lost" that drive , the things of this world de-sensitized us towards the "things" of God - but The Great Holy Spirit , renews and brings us continuously back - YES ON HEAVEN, Brother David --

Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru...When I was first saved and so much on fire, I just knew that the Lord was coming before the year was out and here 40 years later, I have not so much fire and I just am taking my salvation so much for granted sometimes.
I remember in those days how easy it was to give out gospel tracts and now I let so many opportunities pass me by and even when I DO give one to somebody , I am trembling in my boots!

In fact, we just came home from Dad's and I left him there reading some of the posts that I have written and all of the comments that the Christians are saying about their praying for not only his health but especially for his salvation.
I will know how he takes this when he phones me.
I just thought this was such a good way to share the gospel with a small way.
It might make him mad at me, I don't know but one of the preachers used to say, "Sometimes a person has to get mad before the Lord makes him GLAD!"
Naaman did when he was told to dip into the river of Jordan seven times to cure his leprosy.
Saul did when he went about threatening and having the Christians slaughtered.
The one thief did when he and his fellow thief were casting the same insults into Jesus's teeth as the soldiers were.
All three of these men had a change of heart and all three were saved!
What kind of miracle was that, eh?

From Pilgrim Pal, Terry

hebrews 11:1 said...

Mrs. Shirkie,

We read a biography together as a family and I forgot who it was (we've read a lot!), but someone said that the unsaved person is like a stony rock, and every time someone tells them about the Lord, it is a hammer knocking at that rock...and when they are saved, it is because the last piece fell...isn't that a great illustration?! Well, my lil sis and I talk about it all the time, and there is one person we are praying for, and he is always mentioning people he knows WHO ARE CHRSITIANS, and my sister will say, "That is one big rock!" We just keep praying...