Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Praying/Cheering For The Sens!

I know that we are all cheering for and praying for the Senators, so I don't need to remind anyone about that!

My husband Andy and I have a friendly little game of "Who Will Win The Cup" and he is cheering for Anaheim because he is a Leafs fan!! *insert gagging noises here*

Here are my predictions/hopes...I think it would make for a great series, but I am also aware that my predictions may get blown out of the water. But here goes:

Game 5 - The Sens are motivated to win, and so they charge into Anaheim "hunting ducks", and they play a great game and win so that they can take the game back to Ottawa.

Game 6 - Sens are at home, surrounded by their fans and the country, and so it's an easy win for them to make. Bring on Game 7!

Game 7 - The Sens do not have history on their side, but with a new little angel in heaven by the name of Elgin, and the prayers and support of most of the country (those Leafs fans, they are stubborn!) the Sens fight to win the cup...and they DO!!

Well, regardless of what happens, I for one am happy for the Sens to have made it this far, and I consider them winners no matter what happens! And I think that perhaps, thanks to Uncle David, Mike may have found him some new fans!


Julie (Sweet Inspirations)

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David Warren Fisher said...


Thanks for the post, the predictions and the encouragement, my friend.

Tell Andy to "get a life" or Carol might back into your van. Just kidding.