Sunday, June 3, 2007

TWO requests

Calling on the Redeemed - believing God , pressing on --- would appreciate holding me up in prayer for Monday at 3 pm - thx and also for a fine Christian named Tom, who is going with his church to build a home in Juares , Mexico (spelling ? ) he carries a real burden for souls - building this home as a witness, a humble Vietnemese Christian who has a great testimony and is so so humble ---- thanking all those in advance and Thanking THE LORD for ALL HE IS DOING ----------------------------- passing-thru -------------

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Terry said...

Praying for Tom, Passing-Thru!
I guess he learned all of his Spanish, eh?
Every two weeks the Spanish Christians from the Welland Gospel Hall have a gospel meeting in their own language.
Every other Sunday afternoon,
they get Spanish people from the town to come in and listen to the gospel and then give them a little lunch afterwards.
I can't bake so what I do is make a giant fruit salad for them out of cantaloupes, honey dews, kiwi, pineapple, seedless grapes, mango, oranges, peaches, cherries and any other fruit I can lay my hands on!
The Spanish people aren't sweet tooths like us Canadians..
They love friut!!
And they have a more thankful attitiude too.
Most of them work in the green houses and they work really hard.

I just bet that Tom will really do well there in Mexico!
We have a young couple from Toronto going down to Guatemala this August, as missionaries.
They have three small children.

Well cheers for now Passing-thru.
Even though my dense head can't figure out how to post, at least I can be a commenter, eh?..From Pilgrim, pal Terry