Friday, June 8, 2007

We Know

After that last post of " pray on " , I found myself getting "anxious" fretting, (needing a job) - for an hour or so, - ole slewfoot was throwing fiery darts -- then that passage in 1st John - if we know that HE hears us (and we do ) then we know that we have the petitions that we ask (of course as long as it is in HIS WILL and brings HONOR to HIM -- such a guarantee !! In HIS time and in HIS way ----------- truly I am one of the weakest of Christians ----


David Warren Fisher said...

We're all weak but that's when His strength is made perfect. Thanks for your contribution to this site and to my life. Your partnership in prayer is such a special gift. May the Lord bless you richly this weekend, my pilgrim pal Bob!

We're just Passing-Thru on the journey home.



passing-thru said...

Thankyou David ------- " A pilgrim was I and in wandering - in a world of lost sin I did roam ---- " - Looking on google where Peterborough is , if U go due south across the great lake and straight down to Cuba , NY - thats where I got saved in a little country church - people took this sinful rebel and shared the gospel - 1967 - neat stuff David

Terry said...

You know what Passing-thru, I find that whenever I say something, so many times I start getting tested really bad!!..

Were you saved in 1967 too?!
Hey that makes the two of us twins in the Lord!!!..from PP Terry

passing-thru said...

yes Terry - I know what U mean on saying anything for Christ - lol - it's true - ever notice how smooth things go when U get lukewarm for the Lord - --- and yes on 1967,A Christian do-gooder witnessed to me, I was rough on the edges and never heard the gospel - poor man was shaking when he first approached me , but he had compassion , little did he know that God was truly at work , I worked on a drilling outfit and was staying in Cuba, NY when he witnessed to this poor soul - thankyou Bill & Linda Archer, whereever U are ----

Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru...The Christians were the only people in our lives that really cared for us, wild children that we were!
I have THEM to thank for the many, many miles they travelled to pick us up for Sunday School and Gospel meetings.
It was no picnic for them either!
One of the young ladies that used to travel all those miles to Rivers to pick us up ended up being a missionary in Zambia.
She is still there and as I told Pilgrim David once, she told us when she was back on Furlough and we were visiting here that the Golden children were her training ground for the mission field!
Take care and have a good weekend!...from Pilgrim Pal, Terry