Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where's The Fire?

Dear Pilgrim David.Now you know that I can't bake a cake but it isn't my baking this cake that has caused the fire!It is those 63 candles that have created all of the heat.Sorry about that chief!You will just have to hope that some of the Pilgrim Pals bake you a cake...MINUS the candles!Seriously though our beloved David, Bernie and I wish you a very Happy Birthday. You have been a great friend in our lives and have brought many more friends to us.Happy Happy Birthday!!


David Warren Fisher said...


Thanks so much for the cake. I'd ask you to get me a bowl of strawberries too but you know what happened last year...

You and Bernie are special friends and I thank God for your love and encouragement.

May my next 63 years be as meaningful as the first.

Much love in Christ,


Anonymous said...

Amen -- happy birthday David


Vicki said...

Now that's a great cake, Terry! HAHA!

David, I have a friend who says at every birthday, "one year closer to Jesus." :-) 'Tis true for us all. I pray this year in Him is blessed in amazing and unexpected ways! You are dearly loved.

In His grace,