Tuesday, July 8, 2008


There were times this past year that I "just drifted along" . Allowing the "world's" thoughts, mindset and direction "carry" me, so much easier that way. I remember watching science channel on "The Big Bang", why they have all the answers it seemed, so bright and positive in their declaration , even being able to "age" the earth and fossil remains to within 100 to 200 million years - !!
My associate this past year was an old "friend" Dr. Doubt-Alot, he accompanied me on some of my mental journeys. How do we know GOD IS , he says to me one evening. Why look ! , most of the world's renowned scientist don't mention God, its all cause and effect -- out there in space there is nothing , vacuum , space -- we have the earth as our classroom and we know that "little critters formed and today U have man and he lives and dies and life goes on -- period . Hmm, maybe your right I think -- after all , we don't see God stepping out of the atmosphere and making Himself known -- we have people in church, emotional people, many not grounded in religion ,--alot of churchianity but little "CHRIST".
But then I remember -- I remember when I thru the witnessing of a humble baptist Christian, repented of my sinful life and asked God to forgive me and that I trusted HIS CHRIST as my Payment for my sin debt that I could not pay -- I believed by "faith" what this Bible said and I found Christ to be real INSTANTLY within my soul -- washed, made clean and alive . It was personal , the world could not "see" my Christ, but I did within -- to my worldly friends, HE was still invisible, a vacuum, void , but to me , HE was "A Friend that sticketh closer than a brother".
My very worldly associate Dr. Doubt-Alot said he was leaving for the time being , as he didn't want to "hang" around with a person who didn't want to use common worldly intelligence -- for he says " THE FACT IS " there is no God -- u are your own god ---
This life we live , IS BY FAITH -- we are saved and kept by faith , but this faith is valid , for it regenerates, makes new the soul of man -- we been "BORN AGAIN" and every Christian born of the Spirit of God has an identical testimony ie: I repented, believed on the Name of the Son of God and was saved ---
Amazing this common denominator, that scientist use to look for proof -- "We of every country , and tongue, we who found Christ have the same testimony ---YES -- YOU, OH GOD , ARE OUT THERE ----

its only normal to be tested at times with doubts , but then we "remember --" Ah ! The sweetness of HIS COMFORT , HIS PRESENCE ---

hang in there Christian pilgrim ----


Terry said...

Oh Passing-thru...So have I gone through these very same doubts!
I think that when we look inside ourselves we see so much rottenness but when we look away from that and look into the Lord's face who died for us we know the truth. There is no rottenness at all because his precious blood has washed it all away and even though it comes up to haunt us over and over again, God says that he has cast our sins into the depths of the sea and that he will remember them no more. He doesn't say that He will forget them! Oh no because forgetfulness is a frailty and God is perfect!.
"To remember them no more"...what power is THAT?
We are blessed indeed!
You are on the heights of the mountains again Passing-thru. I pray that the Lord keeps you there!
When you were wandering away in the distance, we surely did miss you, every last one of us!!! We surely did!
Love Terry

Julie (Little Missionary) said...

I think if many more Christians were opened they too would say they have been visited by Dr. Doubt Alot! I sure have. He visits most when I'm drifting along aimlessly. Dr. Doubt Alot tells me God doesn't care about me and my request bother Him and that I am insignificant. Sometimes I even doubt that He exists! But then my heart wells up and testifys to my spirit - YES - He is right here - in my heart and He cares more than I can imagine! I think another name for Dr. Douobt-Alot is Satan. Isn't that his expertise - filling us with doubt - such lies about our good and awesome God.

Lord Jesus bless your children with a fresh revelation of your love for us.


Goldwings said...

Here's a quote from my daily calendar that seems to fit:

"When Satan reminds you of your past, tell him about his future"

~ Dr. Barry Moore

Pilot Mom said...

What an absolute joy it is to see a post from you again! :) It's been way to long! I hope you are back to stay awhile...

Blessings to you Passing Thru!

Vicki said...

Passing-thru....I was happy to see a word from you here...good post. Blessings to you, my friend and fellow traveler.

passing-thru said...

Thankyou Pilot Mom and Vicki --
Blessings on U both and thankyou Goldwings as well

pressing on from passing-thru