Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Stopping By

Dear Pals: I'm home from Elim Lodge for a few hours and will go back later this afternoon. My time there has been rich, relaxing, refreshing, renewing and all the other "good" r's. Thanks for your prayers.

Being the Chapel Director has been a real blessing! I can't begin to express how good it's been!
Internet access has been difficult so I've missed communicating with my beloved PALS but perhaps God has ordained that I be away from my computer for a "season".

It's so good to read the comments from "passing thru". Welcome back, dear brother!

You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Please pray for Carol. She is holding the fort here at home and coming out to Elim from time to time. Hopefully she'll make it out tomorrow to help celebrate the big
63! We're having well problems (sandy water), the air conditioner is on the fritz and the van is giving us problems. Other than that...

Thanks for your partnership in prayer!
You are loved!

~ David, the Pilgrim


passing-thru said...

Thankyou David --- sounds like Elim has been good for U ---
Oasis in the desert , I didn't say dessert David --- lol

We all need times of refreshing in the Oasis ---------------

Terry said...

Hi Passing-thru.
Beats me. I just know that Carol hasn't reached the big 63 yet!
I think that David is just full of beans!
What say?....Terry

passing-thru said...

Terry ! - How can U say that ?? Beans , David ?

Terry said...

Yeh for sure Passing-thru...
Jumping Beans!! Ha!! Love Terry