Sunday, June 3, 2007


Ok David - am in ------- lots of experiences with that thought of "am in" like catching the last seat or making the elevator just in time or connecting flights at airports ------ yes, " AM IN " --- what a thrill it was when I got "SAVED" yes, yes, I AM IN -------- now, LORD , give me the compassion and passion for those that are " WITHOUT" -------


Terry said...

Now I am going to try again!!
I just might have to give up!
I am computer illiterate, eh?,,,from Terry

I would "rather be on the inside looking out than to be upon the outside looking in!"

Am I IN Pilgrim David?
I hope I am!! from PP Terry

I give up David!
I have been trying and trying.
Maybe you should email me and straighten the whole thing out!!

passing-thru said...

yes terry - your IN ------- IN where it counts - in the Lamb's Book , IN THE BLOOD - IN CHRIST - your IN --- IN a " place " where all is safe ---- we all are, thanks to THE MATCHLESS GRACE OF JESUS ---------------

Terry said...

Oh Thanks so much Pilgrim Pal Passing-Thru..
Yes I AM in ..IN the Lamb's book of life!
How nice!!,,Thanx...from PP Terry

PS..THAT's surely the important thing!
I will stop trying!!