Monday, June 11, 2007


Heb 6 : 17 - 19 Two great unchangeable things from God - A PROMISE (oath) and the fact that HE CANNOT LIE ----- sent to the inheritors of eternal life -- wow --- what a hope - what wonderful days ahead for us ------------- ANCHOR of the soul --- let us be " happy " Christians and show others this " Anchor " this " Hope " ----------


David Warren Fisher said...

AMEN and AMEN, dear brother!

I'm so grateful for that anchor and the hope which buoys us up for the long journey.

I'm so thrilled that we met, dear pilgrim pal!

passing-thru said...


Terry said...

You know what Pigrim David,
I always loved the verse that tells us that God could not lie because some people believe that Jesus did not sin but he "could" have.
Well if He "could" have, why was it impossible that he could not not lie. IMPOSSIBLE!!!

I remember Mr. Ken Moore explained it so well one time.
He said, "Imagine if you can a whole herd of cows chewing their hay in their stalls and a mouse runs right in front of their noses.
Why! Not one of the heads rises. They just keep on eating their meal.
It is just not in their nature to be eating mice.

Now picture this.
A cat.
A mouse running by his nose.
The cat's eyes getting large and his legs running to chase that mouse to catch it and to devour it!
Because that is the cat's nature!!

Well the Lord Jesus was a man but He never had the sin nature that we sinners have and in no way did sin ever attract him and in no way "could" He have ever sinned!!

He is truly our anchor and He always keeps His word..

I loved this post David!!..from Pilgrim Pal, Terry