Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Thinking - it is a calm evening - as well as online - am much encouraged by David's email to me - was a blessing for sure --- I think I needed to hear such a good email -- also - she hasn't said anything , but , Terry took a fall the other day - got bruised up alittle - probably sore now and I think she could use a real "pick me up " from the "pilgrim pal family" - praying for U , Terry and your Dad -- it's no fun to be "down" or feel alone --- doing anything to help a person , made in the "image of God" -- a high calling indeed -------- Thanking one and all for your prayers for me as well as our "catalyst" David -- and all out there ---

Scientist validate "truth" by different ways - one of them is to look for a common denominator -We have a common DENOMINATOR - Christ --- every single time any of U have heard a testimony , say , from a drunk - dope addict - rich person - asian, russian - american - aboriginy - mexican -- anybody - ITS ALWAYS THE SAME , i.e. I accepted Jesus and now I am different, I am changed - I am clean - forgiven -- AND ITS almost instantly -- TRANSFORMED -- I have NEVER heard anyone say they accepted budda and they were changed instantly , or felt forgiveness or had the power to live differently from that moment on --- YES ---------- WE HAVE A COMMON DENOMINATOR --- THE LIVING CHRIST WITHIN ------


Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru, Does that good email from David mean that he found what he was looking for?
I hope!...from Terry

David Warren Fisher said...

Terry & Passing-Thru:

Not successful yet, my friends! My biggest concern right now is Dad Golden. Passing-Thru and the Pilgrim prayed for your father on the phone tonight. God heard!

To all our pilgrim pals, thanks for your love, your concern for each other and for the fellowship we and through Christ!


Terry said...

Aw David, can I say this?
You and Passing-thru are so sweet!!
Thanks so much!!
On the phone?
Yeh! God heard....Love Terry