Thursday, June 14, 2007

Trust and Obey

Had no title, so I put in Trust and Obey ---- Praying that bank paper U need David shows up - for all the needs, Salvation and doctor work for dad golden / Arlene, the cancer / the heartaches out there- - let's believe This GREAT GOD of ours, and please Him by declaring ANEW, HIS WAYS are best, HIS LOVE for us IS OVER THE TOP --- --- nothing deep in what I say here, just going back to "basics" --- I believe this though ! that there was concentrated prayer made last week and we seen things happen --- so more praying for health for David, more deliverance for finances, great things , small things , all before the Throne we bring -----


Pilgrim Pals said...

Yes Passing-thru..
What really is a marvel to me though even if I haven't been trusting and obeying lots of times, why is He still so good to me?
And why is He answering prayers anyway?!!
I just can't understand that!

I am so happy that everyone is praying for Arlene.
She had another Chemo treatement.

Also did you see that girl, Vicki on Pigrim's?
She is now looking after her dear husband, at home.
He just had a serious heart operation and so he needs her care.

I am still praying that our David will find that important paper.
I just wonder if it is in one of
his books?

And I'm waiting for the day that you will get a good job Passing-thru although if you do, I still hope that you have the time to be "pinch hitting" for Pilgrim David whenever the need arrises!...from Pilgrim Pal, Terry

passing-thru said...

Terry -- U can be sure, when this much awaited job comes , that I will be checking in on this great ministry called pilgrim pals ---
Yes on Arlene --- and your dad - and all that comes to mind ---
May the Great Christ quicken U thru His Spirit , Terry -------- your on the "front lines" interceeding --- blessings to U