Thursday, June 7, 2007


One of the hallmarks - characteristics for sure is - see how they love --- concern/caring/loving and enough so that "they" pray for and at times sacrifice -- yes , Christians care ------ and this group of pilgrim pals care -----there are little outposts of believers, thru-out this world - darkness drapes over the planet and out thru it bursts these little lights - in fact - THE ONLY LIGHT in the entire world - for all else is darkness , so far as GOD is concerned - The Cross, The Christ , The Blood and Salvation thru FAITH in the Finished Work of THE CHRIST - neat stuff - yes , U pilgrim pals are a caring group ----
Terry, to post on here, when U go to pilgrim pal website, on the upper right corner it says to sign in - go to that - then type in user name and password that David gave to U ------------

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