Thursday, June 7, 2007

Faith Journey -

Been thinking of U lately - want U to know, keeping U in prayer - for finances and health , guidance in your unique ministries -- remember , David, The Lord is right there beside U , over your shoulder, legions of angels he can disperse , but HE has allowed U this struggle, to punch holes in the darkness and the church will pray -- Blessings to U , my friend -- Bob


Pilgrim Pals said...

Yes I am in agreement with Passing-thru David.
I just pray that your finances improve and that you will be able to stay in your nice house with all that "walking land" around it.
I don't think that THAT is too much to ask of God, Pilgrim David.
Just remember the miracle that God gave to Saija and Leo when he gave them that nice condo that they are living in....From Pilgrim Pal, Terry

David Warren Fisher said...

Thanks so much, Bob!