Thursday, June 7, 2007

Update 2 On Dad Golden


Just want to tell you that my dad came home a few hours ago and told me that he will need the operation but has been put on a waiting list and they say it might not be until the fall, almost three months away.

Do you think that you could pray for him that perhaps he will go sooner than that?

I would really appreciate it.

In the meantime, I am going to print up all the comments from my blogging friends and give them to Dad to read.

From Pilgrim Pal, Terry[who is so happy to be in!]


David Warren Fisher said...


I've been praying for Dad Golden and will do it again here and now...

Father, we come to you boldly in Jesus' name and thank You for the access we have into Your very presence through Your Son Jesus christ.

Eternal God I lift up Terry's father before you and pray that through these physical trials You would draw him to Yourself. May he come to know You personally and commit his all to You. He knows the Way but has not yet decided to follow You. Work in his heart even now as I pray and we will praise You for Your wonderful salvation. Strengthen Terry during this time and use her to share Jesus with her father. We ask this and thank you in advance in the strong and mighty name of Jesus, Your Son. AMEN!

Terry said...

Dear David...When my dad was a small boy living in St Catharines with his twelve brothers and sisters, the Pelham Road Gospel Hall woudl pick up all the kids every Lord's Day and take them to Sunday school, so Dad certainly DOES know the gospel.
When he was in the air force in Trenton, he and mom went to a Christmas party one year where a lady talked to my mom and invited her out to a Gospel meeting at Lorne Avenue Gospel Hall.
Mom attended and her four childen were picked up for Sunday School every Sunday.
It was the same when Dad wss transferred out west and we lived in Rivers.
The Brandon Christians woud pick mom and her nine children[by then] for Sunday School.
They drove 120 miles every Sunday just to pick up the Goldens, those Christians did, both for Sunday School and gospel meeting, in the evening.
I will never forget the year that a lady, named Mrs. Lowe from St Catharines, mailed out a Bible to my dad.
Dad was very angry with that but to this day I wonder that the Lowe sisters and their brother, Clarence prayed for dad and his family for many years!
The power of prayer, eh?
And the power of prayer that God is continuing to speak to my dad!
Thank you very much for this prayer, David.
I am going to print it out for my dad and mom...Love Terry