Friday, August 31, 2007

31 Things

As per David's request to think about and then post our 31 things in which we can offer up praise and thanksgiving to God for what He has done and continues to do for us here is my list:

1. Thankful for His healing touch

2. I'm thankful for friends who call and take you on a picnic.

3. For His inerrant Word.

4. For the fellowship we can have around His Word.

5. For His love which unifies us.

6. For Christ's willingness to go to the Cross "for the joy set before Him."

7. For my Pilgram Pals who are faithful to uphold one another in prayer while carrying each other's burdens.

8. For tiny improvements each day for dear hubby.

9. I am so thankful for the pallette of colors which the Lord chose to color our world.

10. For His sovereignty.

11. For answered prayer.

12. For His mercies and how they are new every morning.

13. That we are each unique people, one of a kind. I love the diversity there will be in Heaven.

14. I love His tenderness toward us as He knows our frame.

15. I'm thankful for laughter and the joy it brings.

16. And as I mentioned in the comments last night/early this morning, I'm thankful I was able to sleep in this morning. :)

17. I praise Him for the normal, even mundane tasks to do every day for it reminds me that there is nothing to small or insignificant that isn't important to Him. If He is paying attention to my attitude while I'm performing that insignificant task then there IS significance to that task. And He cares.

18. I thank Him that we can be renewed daily by getting sleep.

19. I'm thankful He did not leave me to figure out everything on my own. He left the Holy Spirit within me to guide, direct, teach and correct me.

20. I am thankful I am going to Heaven. That I can be assured of my salvation.

21. I praise God for His promises which remain faithful and true throughout the ages. That they are trustworthy and I can cling to them during difficult times.

22. I am deeply privileged to be able to enter directly into His throne room and talk with Him face to face.

23. What a privilege it is to be able to pray for my brothers and sisters in the Lord.

24. How grateful I am that God allows me to enter into salvation work with Him. What an honor to pray for the salvation of Terry's dad, Dad Golden.

25. I am thankful for the seasons which come and go. They bring relief from the very hot and the very cold.

26. I am humbled beyond measure that God saw fit to redeem me.

27. I am thankful He does not show me the full extent of my sin as it would crush me.

28. I deeply thankful for my sister. All are with the Lord now, except for her.

29. I am humbled that God Almighty would "sing over me." (Lam 3:17)

30. How thankful I am that my God is bigger, larger, wiser, perfect beyond comprehension, Holy, Holy, Holy than anything I could possibly think up.

31. I am thankful, grateful, exceedingly glad that He is SUFFICENT!!


passing-thru said...

My guess is this is Claire's post -- because there is no signature ! :-)

Pilot Mom said...

LOL! is!! What am I going to do???!

hebrews 11:1 said...

I guessed it, too!

GREAT reasons to be thankful for!


Pilot Mom said...

Thanks LPP!!

Bob, just help keep me on the straight and narrow. I've got to be more observant somehow!

passing-thru said...

Lol --- We can tell when its your post -- not because of no signature - but because the words always have depth to them

Pilot Mom said...

Oh, Passing Thru...don't make me blush...

susanwalkergirl said...

Miss must like mysteries because you keep us guessing. But there is no guessing Whom you love...and your gratitude for His all sufficient love, grace and mercy upon us. Thank you for praising Him and reminding us of Jesus work in each of our lives. Lord bless...Susan