Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dark Hole Getting Darker


Warm, hearfelt greetings from the weary Pilgrim! It's been quite a day...well two days actually.

We had such a relaxing time at Elim Lodge and I know assuredly that God had ordained that we be there for those six days. The weather wasn't the best but on the cloudy and rainy days we were forced to rest, relax and unwind. God knew what He was doing! He always does!

Entrance back into everyday living has been tough. REAL TOUGH! Adjusting to our busy and hectic schedules is not easy. Carol has to be fitted with a heart monitor on Tuesday so she'll be driving to Toronto for that. Matthew's 12th birthday is on Wednesday. Nathan turns 11 next week on Sept. 6th.

When I checked the mail box at my office I found absolutely NOTHING! NADA! ZERO! We live by faith with no set income, trusting God to provide through the people of His choosing. We depend on gifts and offerings from the Lord's people as we serve Him through Epistle Sports Ministries. The mail box was empty and the end of the month is quickly approaching! My stomach was in knots yesterday and today. I felt that I was in a dark, deep hole. I kept yawning and sighing throughout the day...yesterday and today.

This morning we attended church but I went with a heavy and an unprepared heart. Worship was difficult! The speaker was challenging but I left feeling empty. I discovered that I had locked the keys in the van and we had to call CAA to come and open it for us. Dear friends from the church went and bought a dozen Tim Horton's donuts for us while we waited to get into the van. What a special couple!

This afternoon we went to two OPEN HOUSES to check out two homes that seemed interesting. The thought of selling our home, as you know from previous posts, sickens me. Going home from Elim Lodge, we were faced with more boxes waiting to be packed to take to storage. The realization that we MUST sell is beginning to sink in. I don't like it one bit!

Please pray, dear ones, that God will work an incredible financial miracle in the next few days. WE DESPERATELY NEED ONE! I've been encouraging you to PRAY BIG and yet, in my own heart of hearts, I sometimes feel that it's pointless. Instead of praying for the $30,000.00 which will get us out of our immediate debtload, I should be praying for $300,000.00 which would pay off the mortgage and get us on our feet. God's hands are not tied that He can't work a miracle. I need to make sure that I'm without any known sin and trusting God to do what He said He would.

So, dear ones, as I prepare to lay down to sleep, my heart is aching and I'm discouraged more than I have been in a long, long time. Usually discouragement with me, only lasts one day but it's been two and things seem to be getting darker. PLEASE PRAY!

Well, I've unburdened my heart! Thanks for loving me and for your ongoing prayer support and encouragement. It is priceless! Jehovah-Jireh will provide. I'm just not very good at waiting for His timing.

Trusting God together,

~ David



I feel your heartache, your stress, your utter reliance upon Him, and I'm praying even as I type along these keys that our Lord God would move mightily in your situation. Our lives are in His hands, and you, dear David, have been his faithful Pilgrim for all these years...God bless you and give you His peace as He works out His perfect way and provision for you. Jesus! We need you!


David Warren Fisher said...

Thank you so much, Vicki!

God is good and He will provide!

Thanks for trusting Him along with me,


susanwalkergirl said...

Oh Father...we lift up dear David to You right now. Father so many in the body of Christ are under severe attack. The trials and tribulation which David and Carol...are daunting and overwhelming from a human perspective. That I because...we see so clearly the problems...big problems that are seemingly without solution. Father...we know that our problems to You the great God...Creator of heaven and earth...require only a word on Your behalf. It seems like David is having a Job kind of time...but just as You restricted the enemy's hand upon Your servant Job...we know that You can do the same with David. That You are in absolute matter what present circumstances appear. Father...the cattle on a 1,000 hills are Your...nothing is too hard for You. Father...we pray for relief for David and Carol's financial concerns. We pray for Your hand of mercy and that they will be permitted to keep their home. We pray that You will strengthen them, give them Your perfect peace, minister to their hurting souls, encourage them...and having and outpouring of love to them...that overwhelms them. May they be aware of Your presence in their daily lives and current situation. May they resoundingly refute the lies of the enemy. When the enemy seeks to discourage them...may their faith be multiplied 100 fold. Jesus...just like You told your disciples to get the fish, pull the coin our and pay the taxes...we know You are able to act in this situation. We pray for a miracle. We trust in Your perfect will. We pray that David and Carol will cling to You dear Jesus for life. Please our dear brother right now. Give Him rest...and fill him with hope. A hope that can not be taken from him. Show him Your love. In Jesus name we pray...Amen! Praying dear one...praying!

David Warren Fisher said...

Dearest Susan:

THANK YOU for praying, precious one. God is good and He showers His love on His own through special people like you. I just posted something about "perfect peace" as you praying for that for me.

Glad you are a PILGRIM PAL, Susan!

Much love in Christ,


Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Oh David, I honestly feel your anguish! And because I can sense it so strong I know I can pray big time! I was praying earlier and trying to get to sleep but was unable so I decided to come on Pals - and here you are pouring your heart out! I am praying big brother, uncle David, big Fish - I am holding you and your family in my heart and I know God holds you firmly in His hand and in His heart. Bless you in the Name of Jesus!

Julie (LM)

David Warren Fisher said...


You are more than LM, your are my UPS lady, Understanding Prayer Supporter.

Thanks for praying, dear one!

God met you at home, not at church today. Don't punish yourself too hard for not being there.

Love you,


Pilot Mom said...

David your anguish jumps from the screen into my heart. I feel for what you are going through right now. We have been in very similiar circumstances in years past. I know He is faithful. More than that I know He IS SUFFICIENT!!

Father God, I lift up my brother before your mighty Throne of Grace. May You grant him peace of mind, still his soul so that he is focused on You alone. Help him to feel the security that You alone provide us.
Lord, we know that there are financial obligations that need to be met and we come before You asking and trusting You to meet these needs in the very best possible way for David and his family. Lord, we pray that You would be glorified and exalted by all of David's actions as he moves through his days being obedient to what You have called him to do. Just like Abraham taking Isaac to Your altar... there was no hesitation in Abraham. Just a calm assurance that You would provide, even in death. May David experience (and Carol) Your calm assurance that You are in control and You will open your store houses in heaven and pour out Your blessings on David and his family. Thank you Lord, for giving this your perfect attention. Thank you Lord for the way You will answer. Thank you Lord for our brother David, for his witness of You and for his willingness to be so open and vulnerable with his brothers and sisters in Christ. I pray these things in Your Son's precious Name, Jesus...Amen.

Felisol said...

Dear Pilgrim Father David,
we know what you have sacrifised to serve the Lord, time, money, health.
I trust in God's promises.
This one from Luke 6:38
38Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."
I just must have this trust in God, that he sees and he will not be late with answers.
Yours Felisol

Felisol said...
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hebrews 11:1 said...

Mr. Fisher....

Keep checking that I am sorry that I did not get off my end-of-the-month letter any sooner, and I'm very sorry I didn't send more, but honestly God impressed on me to send a little more than I originally put in...I don't make that much, needless to say!

God bless you,