Thursday, August 23, 2007


Years ago I went to Bible college for a very short time, I made friends with two special men , their names are long forgotten, not their faces or their stories -- We three were drawn together by The Holy Spirit , of that was no doubt. I was a colorful , soul winner, cut from a different cloth than most that were there - The other one was a Big Indian from some reservation in Canada, and the third person was an illiterate , man from the Applacia valleys - poor , unlearned and extremely humble. The third man , had no schooling , when he got saved and called to the ministry, he found he could read the bible, but other books he had trouble reading - full of grace, he OOOZED GRACE, his smile, his ways , he drew people from the Grace that God bestowed on him. The big Indian was massive , we were drawn like David and Johnathan - This Indian would witness on the reservation and get "beat up" by several other indians EVERY TIME he preached to them -- and when graduating from bible college , he was going back , KNOWING that weekly his beatings would continue ! This guy was tough and big and yet he would take a beating after he preached -- AMAZING COUPLE OF GUYS --- they thought I was something , as I was just me, filled with the Love of God --- neat stuff , years ago ---


Terry said...

I don't know if I could take a beating for Christ Passing-thru.
I really don't.
Maybe at the right momoent the Lord would give a person enough strength to face it but I am in some ways a coward.
Althoguh I must tell you that when one takes the name of my Lord in vain, it does strike in me righteous anger and usually I will tell them, and usally people do not like me telling them either..from Terry

passing-thru said...

Lol -- Terry, your a firebrand --

We all meet people from different backgrounds and situations -, these two men were unique -- The indians would get drunk and look to see if this Indian would preach on friday nites and he would and they would then gang up on him after the service on the reservation -- this was in 1975 -