Friday, August 24, 2007

A Miracle Of God

Remember my brother -in law's dad George Paronto was very sick the other week -- I asked for prayer -- well he passed away last nite at 2:30 -- Dennis my brotherinlaw was up in N.H. and prayed beside him and sang hymns and implored his dad to accept Christ, well George was semi-comatose -- not responding ---doctor said he would not last more than a couple more hours -- Dennis left at midnight to drive back to R.l. - he got in at 3:30 and found out that his dad passed at 2:30 -- Dennis and my sister Judy went to bed and around 4:30 , tossing and turning, they were both overtired and worn out , Dennis said to my sister , did u leave a radio on ? - I hear faint music , Judy listend and said I hear it too -- they tried to go off to sleep ,, R U LISTENING - LISTEN TO THIS ! -- Judy said, I seen our dad who had his homecoming 3 years ago in Nov. I seen dad with a big smile and his hand extended greeting George as he stepped across !! George had a look of UTTER AMAZEMENT ! -- Judy told me , I thought I was dreaming - it lasted but a second or two -- she then turned over and said to Dennis, I just dreamed I seen dad with a big smile and he had his hand extended greeting your dad as he crossed over -- DENNIS SAID WHAT ! Dennis then went on to say that at that same moment HE SEEN THE VERY SAME THING but thought he was dreaming too -------------- both heard music and seen the very same thing !!I TAKE THAT AS A CONFIRMATION that they're prayers were answered and George accepted Christ in that comatose state --- (Judy and Dennis are 50 years old , solid Christians and stable minded) IS THAT NEAT OR WHAT --- Judy told me this tonight at 7 oclock .....Passing-thru


passing-thru said...

Thanks for posting this -- I sent this to Claire and and also one like this to Terry -- but they are right in sharing --- I have no doubt this was a confirmation of their heart felt prayers for Dennis's dad ----

lets remember Dad Golden for Salvation -- and Saija and Leo

hebrews 11:1 said...

WOW-- that is neat, PT! That is God's AMAZING hand at work, isn't it?! When my grandfather was dying in the VA hopsital several years ago, a man came from a local church and sang, "I can Only Imagine" for him...My grandfather lifted his hands as though somone were taking him in their arms and fell into a peaceful sleep (he had lung cancer, no, he was not a smoker). The man left the room, my grandma checked his pulse, and realized my grandfather had gone on to be with the Lord.

Then there was my neighbor who was Jewish...we prayed and prayed for his salvation. My parents visited him in the hospital, but could only say so much around his wife. My mom prayed that when he died we would know if he had gone on to be with his Messiah...his wife told us that when he died he had a look of happiness and content on his face, and we know he is in the presence of Adonai.


Terry said...

It was too priceless to keep to ourselves Passing-thru,.
Oh it is so good!!!!
You know what Passing-thru?
Remember that cloud question you asked us last night?
Well all of us Pilgrim Pals are on cloud nine this evening with such good news as this!!..From Terry

passing-thru said...

Good stuff Heb !!

hebrews 11:1 said...

Amen, Mrs Shirkie! We are all on cloud 9--just wait till I tell Lil Montreal Girl...she will be mad I have stayed up THIS late, but I really don't want to go to bed! Do I have to???? ;)


passing-thru said...


and thanks for posting this --
too good to keep to ourselves eh !

I got goosebumps when my sister told me this tonight ---

Vicki said...

Wow....all I can say is WOW, and praise the Lord!

Pilot Mom said...

Hallelujah! Praising the Lord along with everyone else! :D