Sunday, August 26, 2007


Donna our intercessor just reminded me of Arlene's prayer request for MONDAY NITE 6:00 , I believe that is EST. - in her words " What we are asking is for everyone to join us in prayer. If you can join us on Monday night before I have to have the CAT Scan on Tuesday morning, that would be wonderful. " check out her entire situation at

This is wonderful to have women like Donna , reminding the pals to interceede, pray, support - here is Arlene, a woman who has battled this illness , who does not pity herself, but has prison ministries, and helps homless people , IT IS AN HONOR to pray and remember U, ARLENE -it would be good if another pilgrim posts another reminder either late tonight or tomorrow -- someday we will find out what power there was in praying -- God told us to - it's GOD'S METHOD ---------thankyou "pals" ------ on the side bar of David's blog are these words :

PILGRIM PALS are committed to:
P ray
A ffirm
L ove
S erve


Terry said...

Thanks for the reminder faithful Donna and Passing-thru.
We will all be praying at the same time....Love Terry

donna said...

Thanks passing-thru


hebrews 11:1 said...

Are we all praying at 6? I didn't know there was a set time already....
Because I was going to suggest we forego our usual "around 8pm" meetings here on pals, and "fast" Pals from 8 till 9, and pray for that hour? What say you?


passing-thru said...

Heb - I am willing to do that - that would be worthy of the High Calling in Christ -- I will pray and fast for that and along with all the other prayer needs - for David and Carol, Lil M - Donna and Jen, Claire and Jim , Heather, Julie sweet insp., Vicki and her life etc. Count me in tomorrow nite fasting and praying for an hour - plus praying at 6 for Arlene - thx Heb

Vicki said...

I'm not sure what our time differences are, but count me in to pray...

Passing-thru,thanks for remembering me in prayer. I need to post something tomorrow, maybe.

susanwalkergirl said...

Dearest Arlene...we will be praying in force. But remember...that Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father is interceding on your behalf. It doesn't get better than that. Peace to you and sweet rest as you rest in Jesus.